You've stumbled upon the website of Nathan, "Minetest Guy"* and freelance artist.

     I've been doing YouTube since March 2011, though didn't start really doing consistent videos until about September 2014. As a content creator it's an amazing feeling when something you've poured so much time and passion into finally starts taking off, and I think my channel is on the upward climb.

     For all business inquires please visit the Hire Me tab and submit a request, I do freelance voice talent, photo editing, 3d modeling, and Minetest related things. Work is done for free if the resulting work will be released under a free license, if you want to keep the work private there will be a charge, payment can be made by PayPal or Google wallet. Quotes are always free, and if you don't like the results you don't pay a penny.

     Be sure to visit my Portfolio to see samples of my work. I usually disclose more information about the jobs, how long it took and what programs I used. Links to related content will be provided if my work is being used elsewhere for a larger project.

*I was referred to as the Minetest Guy on a youtube channel where I had left a comment.