Sat, Feb 17 - 2018
     This blog post accompanies my youtube video about building a 2x4 workbench. If you didn't come here from there you should check it out. A 2x4 workbench is super easy to build, and super sturdy, well assuming you use quality lumber to build it. What I love about this design is that there are no complicated cuts, and only three or four different lengths you need to cut your lumber too.

Each color represents a specific size that you need. Here are the sizes I used, but of course you can modify sizes to fit you space and liking.
The BLUE cross members are...
Sat, Feb 10 - 2018

     I built a deck box several months ago, as I was tired of having the delivery people just leave stuff sitting in front of the front and back door, I thought if there was a nice little box at the front door they would put packages in it, well I was wrong, it's never been used, but it still deserves a blog post, and a youtube video.
     The box is simply built, with just 2x4s, and as such is easily scalable to any size you might want to build. The upper and lower rings are made of four boards that are cut to the same length, and then held up with some...

Sun, Feb 4 - 2018
     I built myself a custom computer desk, as I had a very specific size I wanted, and didn't feel like paying a lot of money to buy something, especially as I could build something that would last longer than anything I could buy, and cost much less money. If you want to see an overview video you can check that out here. This blog post won't cover so much the build process, but rather will provide the sizes of the parts.
     The finished desk will looking something like this image.

As you can see it's really a very simple build. Two supports...
Fri, Jan 26 - 2018

I've wanted to write a training course for Minetest for some time, and this year is the time to make it happen. I had planned on releasing everything for free on Youtube, and collect the ad revenue as my only form of payment, but with Youtube changing their partner program in such a way that I'll likely never qualify I'm trying to think of other means of monetizing this course. Unlike my other videos this will be a fully scripted series of videos, heavily edited to cut out the cruft and keep everything on topic and to the point.

At this point I'm working on the scripts and title...

Fri, Jan 12 - 2018

    When I bought my house the upstairs bathroom had a bathfan, but it didn't work, no big deal I thought, just buy a new unit and replace the old one, easy peasy. Turns out it was a little more difficult than that. So the bathroom had a switch and a timer, one for the lights, and one for the fan, or so I thought. When I started working on the electrical and installing the new fan I discovered that the timer wasn't even wired up, and there were no wires running to the fan. It's almost as if the previous owners were going to install the fan, but then never did, which is wierd...

Sun, Dec 24 - 2017
     When I bought my house it had some water problems in the basement, nothing big, just a bit of water on the floor now and then. I was fairly sure it was just because the yard's grading was poorly done, and there was a sidewalk along the side of the house that sloped towards the foundation. The fact that the rain gutters were broken and filled with dead leaves and sticks of course didn't help anything either. I had already removed the sidewalk and one day, in a heavy rainstorm, I discovered the real issue. The water was puddling where the sidewalk was and actually getting...
Fri, Dec 15 - 2017
     When I heard this song I knew I had to do a blog post on it, and let me be clear, I've only heard this song once in my entire life, so I assume it's not a very popular Christmas song, which might be for very obvious reasons, lets get down to business and crack this thing open.

When I was small I believed in Santa Claus
Though I knew it was my dad
And I would hang up my stocking at Christmas
Open my presents and I'd be glad
But the last time I played Father Christmas
I stood outside a department store
A gang of kids came...
Fri, Dec 15 - 2017
     If you are a home owner there is a fairly good chance that at some point you are going to need to replace the lock on your garage door, fortunately with the right parts and tools this is a very easy job, but not so easy that you don't totally need to watch this informative video I created about the process.

     There are a few things that can be a little tricky about pulling the old retaining ring off and putting the new one on. Because the old ring will be thrown away I suggest using a pair of wire cutters to simply cut it into...
Thu, Dec 14 - 2017
     So I realize that it's a little late, like almost the middle of the month, but better late than never. I actually completely forgot about the report, well until yesterday that is when I realized that I'd never put up a November earnings post, so without further ado, here it is.
     Earnings continue to decrease, which is still to be expected with fewer and fewer videos being public on my channel. I only manged to pull in two dollars and ninty-five cents, but on the upside my new Minetest Videos channel is at close to four-thousand views, and once it...
Tue, Dec 5 - 2017
     After I bought my house I wanted to get a refrigerator and use it, I discovered that the kitchen outlet I was going to use wasn't grounded though. Fortunately that's not a big deal when you know the basics of electric wiring. The outlet had the ability to be grounded, but when the previous owner had run power to it they didn't bother connecting a grounding line, and used two wire cable rather than three. I could have hired an electrician to do it for me, but that would have been expensive, and I live in a place where I can do my own electrical work. Running new wire is...


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