2016 in review

     The year has come to an end, and with that comes the obligatory farewell to 2016 and more importantly my earnings for the year. Now I always do the monthly earnings on my transparency report, and I report on those numbers at the end of each month this time I'll be reporting on the whole year, and not do a separate post for December, as that would be pointless. So lets start off with the earnings from ads on my blog, mainly because they are so pointless and I should just remove them. This entire year I made forty-one cents from ad views on my blog. Forty-one cents, I should quit my day job, so much revenue. Now that money comes from 4,375 people that had a total of 17,664 page views on my blog. At that rate I'm making, so little money per page view that ya, it really is pointless. My website is something I need to work on more in 2017, I want to do a complete overhaul, starting with a fresh Drupal 8 install, build my own custom theme, as I've been learning about that this past year, and hopefully make it work a little better on different sized screens, and with that, have ads a little more visible, while still being unobtrusive.
     I made twenty dollars off of freelance work, which is pretty cool, I'd like to do more freelance work in 2017, but that mostly depends on other people, I can't really do freelance work if nobody wants to hire me. I did do freelance work that I didn't get paid for, not sure if that really counts, but I've helped a handful of people throughout 2016 making models, textures, and even working on some code with them, so I've certainly been working on getting my name out there as somebody that has the ability to make things.
     Youtube is my real 'bread and butter' when it comes to earning money online. This past year I've managed to bring in 32.08 which is about 2.67 a month. It's been climbing as I've been adding more videos to my channel, and getting more subscribers/views. This past year I had 68,480 views with a total of 223,090(about 25.5 years) minutes of view time. Unfortunately I can't seem to find any option in Youtube to see how many videos I've uploaded in 2016, but it's probably close to 250-300 I'm guessing. I wasn't doing five videos a week for the entire year, honestly not even sure when I started doing that, but I know I've been putting out a lot of videos, and this next year I plan to do just as much, or even more. Will be keeping with the five videos a week, and maybe try to do some live streams on the weekends, now that I have a job that gives me weekends off.
     So there you have it, 2016 in a nutshell, if you were expecting me to actually give out personal information about things I've personally done this year, here is what I have to tell you. I got older and gained weight. :P

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