August '16 Earnings

     So lets start out with the huge earth shattering news, over the last 180 days I have had zero referrals to and so Amazon decided that they would delete my affiliate account, which whatever. I guess I didn't really share enough links for products on their site and so there was no reason for anybody to click on them. I've decided that I'll just remove that column from the chart on my earnings page, as I never had anything to report there.

     This past month I didn't do any paying freelance work, though I am working on a large project which I think will be going live September 27th, or around then, as that is my deadline. I'm not getting paid directly, but it's going on a channel with 5,000 subs and I'll be getting linked, and possibly interviewed in a later episode, so it could have a good amount of publicity connected to it.

     Seemingly I've also made no money off the ads on my site, which isn't hard to believe either, as they only show on blog posts, and at the very bottom, where most people probably don't even bother scrolling down to see. Checking, it looks like over the past five months I've had no income from the ads on my site. It might just be time to rethink those, either changing the placement, or just removing them altogether. I do have some work I want to do on my site in the next few weeks so I'll probably try to implement a change in the ads at that point.

     The one place that I can consistently count on generating a little bit of revenue has not let me down, and in this past month I've pulled in 2.66USD, clearly on my way to being the next big youtube superstar. ;)

     As always you can find my earnings on this page. It's updated monthly, and you can see just how much money you AREN'T making by not spending eight hours a week creating content to upload to the internet.

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