August '17 Earnings

     Hey everybody, so it turns out that I'm not dead, I'm sure that's what many of you were thinking when I didn't put out a blog post last month with my earnings. Well here's the deal. I just bought a house, and was super busy moving in and fixing things that needed to be fixed as soon as possible, plumbing, electrical stuff, things like that. With everything I was doing on my house I just didn't have time to make a blog post, I didn't even record any Minetest videos last month. I just today finally built myself a computer desk, I'd been working on plans for it for a while and trying to figure out all the sizes of the boards and stuff. Now that I have a real computer desk and have my computer setup on it I can start editing all the footage I've been shooting of home repairs and stuff. More importantly I can finally write this blog post. :)
     One of the best bits of news I can share is that I FINALLY got a deposit from Google for one-hundred and two dollars and some change. I've been running with adsense on blogs for years and years, and been doing it on youtube for a few years. Its nice to finally have some money from all of it. The hundred dollars finally paid off my microphone that I bought. I love free stuff. :D
     On to earnings. I made four dollars and sixty-five cents on youtube. Down a little bit, but I expect that is mostly because I wasn't publishing nearly so many videos, which means less views. As you may have already seen/heard I've started a new youtube channel for all the Minetest videos, and am slowly transferring all the videos from my channel over. Actually the upload barely took any time, but getting all the videos edited and updating the links on my website is taking time. I mention this because with my new channel I do not currently have the ability to display ads. I have to have 10,000 views before youtube will let me start displaying them. Once I get that option I'll be reporting on those earnings as well. I'll probably lump them both together in the transparency report, but in the monthly reports I'll give the breakdown as to how much money came from each channel.
     As always you can see how the earnings stack up against other months on the transparency page.

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