I feel like an idiot. I passed over my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PROGRAM IN THE WORLD!!!
     So what is this program you ask? Well it's Blender and as the website describes it,
Blender is the free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License.
     List of features, model - shade - animate - render - composite - interactive 3d

     Blender runs on all major operating systems, I've even heard it rumored that somebody is working on a version to run on Android. Blender can be freely downloaded from
     Blender is in the Linux repositories, HOWEVER, it's a version in the 2.4 family, and Blender is officially at 2.6.1, at the time of this writing. Blender can be added to your system through a PPA which will keep it updated on a near daily basis, or you can download blender builds from It is possible that you might find that you need some dependencies when you get a build from Graphical, but launching blender from the terminal should let you know what dependencies you need and then you can install them via the package manger.
     Blender 2.6 has introduced a slew of new features, Dynamic Paint, Camera Tracking, Cycles Render Engine, and others. The above video was created in Blender using the camera tracking.
     Blender is a free alternative to 3ds Max, Maya, and the ilk. Blender is in no way harder to learn or less powerful, the download is much smaller, but that's not because of functionality, but because the other programs come with a lot of documentation and tutorials in PDF format, whereas Blender comes with one short, two page, PDF that explains the basics, and then has links to find tutorials and further information online and on the wiki.
What I love:
     EVERYTHING about Blender. I've been using it for about four years, and really have no complaints, there's a few bugs that crash Blender now and then, but not often and if you save your work often as you should it won't do you any harm.
What I dislike:
     That the software center still has a 2.4 family version up. This isn't Blender's fault though, I don't think it is anyways, and hopefully soon they'll have a much newer version available for download.