Building a Deck Box

     I built a deck box several months ago, as I was tired of having the delivery people just leave stuff sitting in front of the front and back door, I thought if there was a nice little box at the front door they would put packages in it, well I was wrong, it's never been used, but it still deserves a blog post, and a youtube video.
     The box is simply built, with just 2x4s, and as such is easily scalable to any size you might want to build. The upper and lower rings are made of four boards that are cut to the same length, and then held up with some uprights placed in the corners.

As you can see in this super amazing render it's a very simple structure. Nothing complicated about it at all. Although this image actually makes it look quite complicated with all of those hidden lines being visible as dashes. If you can't figure it out just watch the video. :P

All the boards get screwed together, or nailed/glued, whatever you choose, and then some suitable material is used to create the walls and top. I used Rilon, which is like a rubber material, but probably not something you'll be able to find, plywood would work well, and honestly if you used that you could probably get by without using this design at all, and just use four 2x4s in the corners and screw the plywood to that.

This design is so simple that there really is nothing more to say about it, other than that its so simple a kid could do it, though I'm not sure about letting kids use chopsaws without adult supervision.

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