Changing things up

    I am changing up a few things on my Youtube channel, though they won't all be immediately evident, as I have a backlog of videos that will have to be posted before the new videos with the changes will be public on youtube. Starting in about a month my videos will be monetized as soon as they are posted publicly(this means they will have those annoying ads that everybody hates.) You can avoid these ads by either visiting my website and checking the videos out when I post them, or by following me on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, as I always share the videos as soon as they are uploaded on those platforms. Usually videos are uploaded about a month prior to their going public, so this gives you plenty of time to watch them without having to sit through a few seconds of an ad before you are allowed to skip it. In addition to sharing the posts on social media I have an RSS feed of my Minetest videos that you can subscribe to and get new videos in your feed reader just as soon as they are posted on my website.
     With these changes comes an entirely new page on my website, a transparency report. On this page I'll be making stats publicly available about how much I'm earning off the different types of monetization and at some point I'll be listing web traffic both to my website and youtube channel.
     Minetest has never been about money for me, and I hope it never becomes that, however it would be nice if I could earn enough money to pay for the hosting of my website so it would be self supporting, rather than me having to pay for it all out of pocket and be getting nothing out of it. I don't plan on creating any content that needs to be paid for, or putting up paywalls or anything, just trying to make sure this isn't a complete waste of my time that isn't giving anything back.

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