When looking for an audio player in Linux there are a lot of options. I mean you have Banshee, Rhythmbox, Amarok, Listen, Enna, Aqualung, Songbird, and lots of others. I've used a few different players, Banshee initially, when I first installed Linux on my laptop, and only because it came installed. I wasn't overly impressed, I'd come from an iTunes background, and REALLY liked the smart playlists that I could create. Banshee was just too simple for me, didn't have enough options and I began my search for a better player.
     I went through a few different players, Clementine and Song bird being my two favorites. Actually Clementine was always my favorite, but it kept crashing with Gnome3 when I minimized it, so I switched over to OpenSong, which was nice, had a cool mini player, but the BIG setback was no M4A support. Having had iTunes I had several albums that were all in M4A format, and I didn't really want to convert them all to MP3, especially as other players could play the M4A files. When I switched to Cinnamon, rather than Gnome3, I was eager to try out Clementine again, and see if it worked any better, and it did. I've been running it for a few months now with no crashes.

     On linux Clementine can be downloaded from the software manager, just search Clementine. Clementine is available for Mac OS X and Windows, and can be downloaded from here. You can also find a lot more information about the software and find screenies on their site.

What I LOVE:
     Smart playlists. I have a LOT of music, like 21 days straight. I NEED some way to make lists of songs I haven't hear, songs I haven't heard for a while, favorite songs, and I need it all to be automated, smart playlists allow me to do just that.
     Format support. Clementine plays all my music files, .OGG .MP3 .WMA and .M4A it probably supports others too, I just don't have them.

What I dislike:
     You knew there had to be some cons to Clementine, right?
     Well for some odd reason Clementine doesn't get recognized by my system as a media device. It will show when I click on the volume control, and give me the options to skip tracks, pause, and stop, shows album artwork too. But when I use the hardware keys for the same functions, it doesn't do anything. I've checked on the settings, and it looks like everything is correct, so either I'm doing something wrong, or Clementine just don't work with those buttons. Could maybe be my system too, so if you have Clementine and your hardware buttons work, please leave a note in the comments.

Other Goodies, that I don't use:
     There is a Song info and Artist info button. If you are connected to the internet, it will automatically pull up song information, lyrics, album, other song info, just what you'd expect it to. Artist info does about the same, giving information on the artist. It pulls from a large online database, from several different sources, and you have control over which sources to search.
     There is also a Device button. Not really sure what it does, or if it lets you copy music onto your device with that. It shows a little MP3 player as the icon, so I'm guessing it would allow you to copy files to and from the device, but I can't be sure, never used it, hence it's placement in this section. :)

So there you have it, a short review on Clementine, and some of my opinions on it. Feel free to leave a comment below on anything I've said, and I'll get back to you.