Commercial Virtual Studio Graphics

     I am stepping out into brand new territory for me, commercial products. I am creating my first commercial product, virtual studio graphics. I never realized there was a market for this until I had somebody ask me if I could make them some in 4K as the 1080 versions that they purchased were no longer high enough quality. I wasn't even sure what virtual studio graphics were and so I asked for a link, and they sent me this site that sells the pictures of new studios that are layered so you can use a green screen and put yourself, or a friend, into a studio and make your very own newscasts.

     At this time I don't know the exact pricing or when these will become available, much depends on how much time I have to create the sets, textures, render, and create the documentation so people can properly frame their shots to match the frames.
     You may have noticed that I don't have a store on my website, and you may be wondering, where are you going to be selling these? Well I'm glad you asked. I'm creating this for my friend Robbie at Cat5 TV, so initially these files will be sold in their store. At some point I'll get a store on my website and then they'll be available here as well, though I don't imagine we'll have any pricing wars, so I wouldn't bother waiting until I have my own store set up if you are interested in some quality studio graphics.

     The graphics will be layered and have masks, so you can easily put in your own footage on the TVs, or not have the TVs if you don't want them. I will be selling three tiers of the product 1080, 4K and the source files. Each tier will include the lower tiers, so if you buy the source version you'll also get all the 1080 and 4K frames. Included in the downloads will be links to youtube videos and text posts on my website explaining how to use the files, and how to create your own version if you buy the source files.

     I have no idea how well this will sell, if at all, but sales will drive new versions, so if I sell a few copies in the first few months that they are available for sale I'll probably make newer/better studios.

     Also, as a freelance artist I'm willing to do custom graphics for individuals for a small extra charge. Say you wanted the text of your channel to be on the front of the desk with a glowing light behind it, I could make that for you. I may be getting ahead of myself here, as I haven't even finished this simple studio. I don't even very much like how it looks right now, but improvements can be made with just a little bit of work.

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