Computer Case Lights

     For a very long time I've wanted to put lights into my computer case, but never got around to it. Honestly the only reason I've wanted to is because my PSU (Power Supply Unit) came with lights in it, and I figured that if I already had some light I should complete the job and add more lighting.
     When I upgraded to 32 GB of ram I had more reason than ever to add the case lights because now there was more to show off. I started by looking at some kits online, but they were all rather expensive, and I didn't need any stinking kit, I'm smart enough to be able to figure things out with just the bare parts.
     I had a few things that I was selling on ebay, and knew about how my brother had been buying stuff off of ebay for his phone and things, so I thought to myself, why not see if I can find some case lights for cheap. I wasn't worried about the shipping times, I'd already been mulling the idea over for a few years, what's a couple weeks extra time when you've been waiting on an idea that long already.
     I found some 20cm blue LED strips that had the connectors on the ends for the four pin connectors that my case has so I placed an order on two of those. Shipping was like ninety-nine cents and cost was one ninety-nine, shipping was suppose to take one to two months, but again, wasn't too worried about that.
     When the parts showed up I did have a little difficulty getting the plugs to connect, they certainly weren't the highest of quality, but once I had the connectors fitted together and plugged them in, to a powered off computer, and booted it up, they did an amazing job at illuminating the inside of the case.
    The most difficult part of this modification was cutting the hole into the  side panel from the case. I went through probably close to a stack of a dozen of the little cut-off wheels in the picture. They cut just fine, but wore through so quickly that I probably spent more time replacing the cutting wheels than I did cutting. It also didn't help that the tool didn't have a working switch, so I had to plug it in each time I wanted it to turn on, and un-plug it when I wanted it to turn off.

Tools and stuff

Half an hour of cutting later and I had a side panel with a nice cutout in it.Case panel with cutout.

Once everything was put together this is what it looked like. Sadly with my current layout I don't have all the space to put things in a fashion where the lighting can really be seen when I'm using the computer, but that's okay, once I get a new place I'll be able to set things up the way I want and see everything.
The finished work of art.

    The lights I bought off of ebay are still available from china and they're just a couple bucks, but you can also get them from Amazon, you'll probably get them a little faster, but will be paying a little more, almost twice the price for the same thing, but it's your money, spend it how you want. :D
     I also got a 120MM lighted Case Fan to put a little extra light into the case, and in increase the wow factor. In retrospect I probably didn't really need it because with the side panel on the compute the two LED strips produce ample light that bounces around and illuminates the case sufficiently.

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