Door Sweep Upgrade

     My rear door was kinda bad, about half of the sweep was torn off, and was uselessly dragging around on the ground, completely defeating the purpose of even having it. I hated having the breezes blowing through, bugs waltzing in, and even worse stepping on the bit that was dragging on the floor when trying to close the door. I knew I could go out and buy a new sweep, but why buy something when I can cobble together something that will work for way less money, like free!

     At work I can pick up scrap parts that we throw out, so I have a collection of scrap nylon bristle brushes that were too short for us to use, but with two of them I had more than enough width to cover my door. I had an aluminum threshold sitting around that the previous owner had kindly left behind for me. They honestly probably forgot about it, along with all the other things that were left that I had to clean up and throw out. It turned out good that they left that behind though, as it made this project almost entirely free. I had to use screws that I bought on a previous occasion for other projects.

     I placed the brushes as low as I could on the door to keep some pressure on them at all times. I want this to keep bugs out, and to help with some of the breeze that gets through. Though the back door is a few steps down from the rest of the house, so even on windy days I don't feel any drafts coming into the kitchen from the back door. The install almost looks professional, and like it was an honest to goodness product that was bought from a big box store.

     I created a youtube video, it's pretty boring, but if you want to watch it you can find it here.

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