Have you ever wished you didn't have to send yourself an email to store a file online? Have you wished that you could access those files that you don't have with you? Well I could have a solution for you.
     It's called DropBox and they have a free version, well not really a version, but a free two GB option, which you can grow up to eight GB by referring friends and completing a getting started tutorial. Each friend who signs up after you refer them grows your storage space by 250 MB, or a quarter of a GB, completing the tutorial gives you an extra 250 MB as well. If you choose to sign up, and you want and extra 250 MB from the get go, use this link. http://db.tt/xwR3iTG When you do sign up you will have a link, like this, that you can share and when anybody signs up with that link they get the extra 250 MB and you get an extra 250 MB.
     So yes if you haven't figure this out already, I really want you to sign up with this link, 'cause it will get me extra space. Though this space isn't really for me, as I don't have a personal dropbox account, this is for the The Bible Animated dropbox account. The extra space will allow me and the other volunteers to more easily share all the source files.
     Dropbox is cross platform so you can share files from your windows machine to your mac, or linux machine. It also is available on many newer phones, the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry phones, with more phones being supported as time goes on.
     You can choose to have the files private or public, making it a good place to both store backups of your data or share files. You can link to the files individually and then easily link them in emails, blogs, websites, etc.
     Dropbox isn't just an online service, when you join you download a program that creates a file on your computer and you put any files you want backed up in that folder, you can also choose existing folders on your computer to sync and it will create a copy of the files online. The upload and download rates can be controlled, so if you are browsing but want to sync your files without making browsing very slow you can just change the max speeds and continue browsing while the files sync in the background.