Gourmet Recipe Manager

     Are you the cheffy type, is that even a word? Do you like to cook? Are you looking for a way to go digital with your recipes? Well if you answered yes to any of the above you NEED to know about Gourmet Recipe Manager.

      The About, in the software, says this: Gourmet Recipe Manager is an application to store, organize and search recipes. Gourmet also makes it easy to create shopping lists from recipes. Gourmet imports recipes from a number of sources, including MealMaster and MasterCook archives and several popular websites. Gourmet can export recipes as text, MealMaster files, HTML web pages, and a custom XML format for exchange with other Gourmet users. Gourmet supports linking images with recipes. Gourmet can also calculate nutritional information for recipes based on the ingredients.
     Website: http://grecipe-manager.sourceforge.net

     Sound pretty cool? Well lets look at some of the coolness in action.
P.S. I have a collection of recipes you can import to get yourself started, download it here You should note that because of food allergies, gluten intolerance, that some recipes might be modified, but you can always change them. I'll show you how to do that a little later on. You can also hop on Pintrest and browse many recipes I've found, and created in Gourmet and uploaded the files to Google Drive.

     When you open Gourmet for the first time you'll be greeted with a blank screen, and you'll either have to import files, or add your own recipes. I'll show how to import the files first, and then go on to adding a new recipe. Importing is actually really easy just click on File>Import File then browse to the location of the file, and click open. A progress bar will show, and show the progress, kinda keen how the progress bar shows progress. :) If there are any errors in the import, it will let you know, or if it finds duplicates, say you have a recipe for bread, and you import another one, if the recipes are close enough gourmet will ask you if they are the same, and give you the option to merge them, or keep them separate.
     Say though, that you don't have a file to import, and with my link I can't see why you wouldn't. So you want to add a new recipe, well there are two ways you can do it, you could click on File>New or just use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+N A new window will open that will allow you to add the new recipe.
     As you can see the window has several tabs on the side, and I'll cover them all, lets start with the Description tab, because we already have the picture of it. It's pretty basic, title, yield, category, prep and cooking time, cuisine, rating, source, webpage, and image. Title of course is for the title of the recipe, the yield can be servings, cups, cookies, slices, whatever you want. If you want to credit somebody with the recipe, you'd put that in under the source, and if you found the recipe online, and wanted to record that, you'd put it under the webpage. Images are really cool in this program, if you have a picture of the recipe I'd really advise adding it. In past versions, and on Ubuntu, I know there was some issues with adding images, but I think those have all been cleared up.
     Ingredients, are really essential for any recipe, and we input them here. The creator of this program has done a really good job with the 'brain' that processes this part. You can type your ingredient, and the quantity in the Add ingredient: field, and it will format it all correctly, most cases, some ingredients that are multiple words will get messed up, also you do have to have a unit, so if it was 3 apples, you'd have to input 3 whole apples, otherwise it might not realize that apples are the item and not the unit. But with all the updates this program has, it might change any time, and not require you to put in a whole when it is a whole unit. One never knows. Another nice feature is that you can input one ingredient, hit enter, and then start typing the next, no need to click on anything. Once you've added all the ingredients you can make any changes you might need to make, by double clicking on the field you want to change, and then making any changes.
     You can add subgroups to recipes, say you are making, oh cheese cake, and you have the crust, and the cheese part, you might want to make each their own group. As long as you click on the group before you input the ingredient, the ingredient, and subsequent ingredients will be entered to that group, you can change what group an ingredient is under, if you make a mistake. You can also add another ingredient to your ingredient list, say you have some sort of a base recipe for cookies, or something along those lines, you can just add the base as it's own recipe, and then add that to the recipes of the other items that use that base. If that makes sense.
     Instructions, a list of ingredients isn't very helpful if you don't know what to do with it. Use this tab to store the instructions, baking temperature, and pan size, if applicable.
     Notes: finally say you want to add some notes about a recipe, like it's somebody's favorite, or that you need to make at least four batches, if you want it to last a day, whatever you want really. It could even be about how much you love this program, it won't stop you. I don't think so anyways, never actually tried doing that......

     Okay, so we've filled out our recipe card, click the Save button, or you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S The window will close and you'll go back to the main window.

     What goods a database full of recipes if you can't find them. Thankfully there is a really nice search included. For example in the following image I searched for cake.
     You can see a list of cakes that were found, with the categories, cuisine, title, source, and if you have an image, a thumbnail, this is configurable in the option. You can sort by any of the options by clicking on the name on the top of the screen.

     Maybe you like a little more visual browsing type of searching. Say you want to cook something, but don't know what. If I don't know what I want to cook, I can't really search for it, but with the Browse Recipes add-on I can browse my collection in a graphical way. By default this isn't enabled, and no, I don't know why. You'll have to go to Settings>Plugins and enable Browse Recipes
     The Super Uber Cool browse window, might not look very cool right now, but when we enter a subsection, say Category we'll get a list of all our categories. We can double click on a Category to go to a page with all the items in that category.
     A small taste of my Desserts. You'll notice a few interesting tidbits in the image. If you have a picture for the recipe it will show with information overlaid, otherwise it just uses a default image, and still gives you the information.  The little clock next to the measuring cup is preparation time, the first hour will be in red, any hours after that will be in blue, the same with the cooking time, which is shown by the little oven icon. The rating is shown by the stars down at the bottom.

     There are a lot more cool features, but you can explore the program and find those yourself ;) No Seriously, this is a loaded recipe database. You have the option to generate nutritional information, though ATM this is corrupting my database, not sure if this is just a problem I'm having, or a version wide problem, so be sure to backup your database before turning it on. You can back it up by exporting, or going to your home/.config/gourmet and copying the database files out. There are options to import other file types, though because I don't have any of those file types, I can't really tell you how well they work.

     Conclusion, this is an amazing program, anybody that cooks once a month, NEEDS this. I've heard that you can do a shared, networked database, but I've never set that up myself, I'm sure a google search could find that information for you. This program isn't only for Linux, there is a windows option as well, though back in the dark days when I used windows I wasn't able to get it to install, something with a GTK2 error. With all that being said, download the source and compile, or get a precompiled version from your software manager.

I've recorded a video overview of this program, which you can watch below.