Sitting here at Harbor Freight,
Wondering how much longer I'll have to wait.
For a customer to come through,
and give me a chance something to do.
It gets boring here on register,
Sometimes I feel like a legislator.
Doing nothing, getting paid,
Somebody please, come to my aid.
Somebody please give me work,
Worry not I won't shirk.
As the minutes slowly drag by,
Wait do I see something in the corner of my eye!
A customer finally, with basket in his hand,
Snazzely dressed, and nicely tanned.
He puts the basket in a pile,
Says "I needed to waste time a while,
You're store seemed a good place to stop.
For I knew here I wouldn't shop."
He exits the building, walks through the door,
And I go back to doing nothing once more.

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