I'm a home owner!

    As some of you probably already know I’ve recently purchased a home and have begun moving in. This has led to a decrease in my Minetest video production, but not too worry. I have a bank of videos that will cover my short absence until I can start recording again.
    An interesting development has come up, I’ve started recording videos of repairs that I’m making around my house and have decided that I should probably not be posting them on the same channel that I’m posting my Minetest videos on. Here lies a problem though, as my YouTube channel, Nathan Salapat, is tied to my G+ account and can’t be renamed without changing my G+ name, which I don’t want to do. To further complicate things I’ve claimed a custom URL for that channel as well. This leaves me with a hard decisions, create a new channel for Minetest video, and slowly transfer all my existing videos over and lose the comments that they have, and the subscriptions as well.  I think it would be best for branding to have a YouTube channel called Minetest Videos for my Minetest videos, and that is the direction I’m leaning, but I would love some input from you guys. I'm not entirely thrilled with Minetest Videos as a channel name, but I'm not sure what would be better. I do know that I want to have the word Minetest in the name, as that will help a lot with brand recognition, and with ranking in search results.
    In happier news I will have faster internet at the new house and will finally be able to do those collaboration videos with people that we’ve wanted to do. I’ll be getting in touch with those of you that have expressed interest just as soon as I get my computers set up and have a working workstation. The house does need a bunch of work though so I won't be doing that right away, I haven't even moved in yet actually.
    In other happy news I’m finally getting a sound booth set up, and will finally be able to actually record professional grade audio. I've never done this before so I'm not sure what all it will entail, but I know a guy, that knows a person that does voice talent scouting, or something like that, and he owns me some favors, so I'm hoping I might be able to get some work through that. :)
     If you've got questions about my house I suggest you keep an eye on my youtube channel as I'll be posting videos just as soon as I get internet and get my computers moved over so I can get the video all edited. I'll be posting videos on a wide range of topics, from repairs to automation. Not 100% sure at this point what all I want to do, or the style of video. I subscribe to a couple guys on youtube that do a bunch of woodworking, and I kinda want to make videos that fall in that category. Videos explaining how to do what I'm doing.

Hi Nathan

I just found you by accident (was looking for Nathan the snowplowing guy on Meadow Lane). Anyway I am also on Forest, you can guess the number from the email address, I and wanted to welcome you to neighborhood and commend you for the nice job you are doing with your home. Is has been a good while since anyone cared much for that old place and it is a nice house that deserves the TLC you are providing.

Anyway let me know if you ever need any help with stuff, happy to assist where I can. Also as a British Citizen, I was in no way offended by your horrible accent on your youtube video LOL.

Cheers mate


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