January '17 Earnings

     January has been a good month, coming back from a month of not recording videos I've already been able to build up a bank of videos on Youtube so I can miss a few days here and there and not have a day where I don't post a video publicly, so that is always good. I've also started a new series on using Blender to create assets for Minetest. I feel like those videos are probably going to end up being fairly popular, though they will take some time to get to that point. Most of my subscribers probably won't be overly interested in them, but I know there are a lot of people on the internet that want to watch tutorials on Blender and how to use it, and these videos will be helpful too them to, as they aren't necessarily Minetest specific.
     All that said my earnings went down a little bit, I only managed to pull in 3.52 from youtube, and made nothing from ads on my website, or freelance work. I've started mentioning my freelance work on my tutorial videos so I could possibly pull in a little more work from that.

     As always you can find my earnings on this page.

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