June '17 Earnings

     I feel like I need to start this off with a great big, huge THANK YOU to everybody that watched and shared my videos this month. By some seemingly impossibly feat I made more money this month than any other to date. I brought in 6.47 on youtube, which is amazing. I'm not sure what caused the increase, other than more people watching the ads. I only had one video that performed exceptionally well (2K views), and that was my Minetest 0.4.16 release video, and that didn't have any ads on it, so I'm not really sure how that could have effected my earnings. I did have an increase in subscribers, but not that many, maybe a dozen or so new fans that probably discovered my channel due to the release video.
      Ads on my website performed poorly, I don't suppose you knew I had them, yep, that's how poorly they work. I really don't want to bug people with ads, but I think I'll be changing things up with my new site layout. Oh, and mentioning that, brought to mind the fact that I have a site online where you can take a peak at the progress of my new layout, which at the time of writing is mostly trash.
     Work continues on my Minetest course, and I think I've decided upon a site to host/sell the course once it's completed. I'm still looking for some people to give me feedback on the material, and in return get the course for free once it's completed, and of course all the updates to the course after it is published.

     As usual you can see the full report on my transparency page.