What a title, right? well it so happens that Kazam is the name of a Linux screen recording program, and not just a sound effect for super heroes, though I will say the creators of this program are super heroes in my books. :)
     So for a long time I've wanted to be able to record videos of my desktop, but haven't been able to find a program that would work on Linux. The few programs I did find, never seemed to work very well, or at all, and all my searching never alerted me to anything. Then a couple days back I was looking at twitter and saw a conversation between a couple artists, and one of them mentioned a blog post about a screen recording program for Linux, something that was just a .py file that ran in the terminal, but on that blog they also mentioned Kazam, which has a GUI.
      Settings are really simple, video source, if you have more than one monitor it will list them. Audio Source 1 and 2, yes, you can have two different audio sources in the video. Encoding MP4 or WebM. A countdown timer for before the recording starts, frames a second, and an option to capture the mouse or not. There are no confusing video options you have to deal with, and the video records at a nice quality, and doesn't have a huge file size, which is even nicer.
     Kazam is in the default repositories, you can find it by searching for Kazam, or install it via the terminal by typing sudo apt-get install kazam.
     You can watch an overview of Kazam below, recorded with Kazam.