Published: Wed, Feb 13 - 2013
     So I use Conky to monitor my system and give me valuable information. I also switch between using WiFi and a direct Ethernet connection, for a long time I've only been able to see what kind of speed I have going with my WiFi through my Conky setup. I could have made a copy and had the Eth0 and Wlan0 speeds always showing, but that wastes space, on the desktop, not worried about the file size. Today I decided to see if I couldn't get some sort of if then setup in Conky, so I did what any true geek would do, did a Google search. I found that yes indeed this can be done...
Published: Wed, Oct 31 - 2012
     So for those of you that follow my youtube channel, and wonder how I get my amazing sounding audio, here is the video for you. In this video I show how I make my screencasts and my trick to making the audio sound so clear and nice sounding.

Published: Thu, Oct 11 - 2012
     Read Part 1 and Part 2 before reading this, this builds on information from those.
     I know I already told you all about adding text, or did I? I gave you some of the information about adding text, but there is yet more to learn, and we'll be working on that in this post, and we'll be finishing everything up as well.
     Open up our file and add a text box in that big blank spot on the right(t). Edit the text(Ctrl+t) and put in a bunch of text about the event.
     Now we're...
Published: Mon, Oct 8 - 2012
       If you missed part one in this series, I highly suggest you check it out here.
     We're going to get on to graphics in part two. We'll be using some pictures, some vector graphics, and using tools that come with Scribus. To start lets put a vector graphic of our favorite bird, Tux on the page. To get the Tux option we'll need to click the small arrow next to the square on the menu

     The drop down menu looks like this, click on the bottom icon, Tux.
Published: Sun, Oct 7 - 2012
     Hey guys, I've done a lot of searching, trying to find a program I could use to take screenshots of my desktop, or even a window, at certain increments, so I could then make them into a timelapse video. I'm here to report I haven't found anything, but I've made, with a little help from a few websites, something that works just as well. I'm going to walk you through all the steps in this blog post.
     The first step is going to be installing scrot. sudo apt-get install scrot You might already have Scrot installed so you might not need to do...
Published: Tue, Oct 2 - 2012
     Scribus is a tool for Open Source Desktop Publishing, as the splash image says. You ever try just using a word processor to create a brochure or something, you just don't have enough tools and options, Scribus fixes nearly all of that. It doesn't come with spell checking though, which is really sad.

     You can download Scribus by simply going to your software manager and searching fro Scribus and installing, or using your package manager by searching for Scribus. You can also install via the terminal by typing sudo apt-get install...
Published: Sat, Sep 8 - 2012
     What a title, right? well it so happens that Kazam is the name of a Linux screen recording program, and not just a sound effect for super heroes, though I will say the creators of this program are super heroes in my books. :)
     So for a long time I've wanted to be able to record videos of my desktop, but haven't been able to find a program that would work on Linux. The few programs I did find, never seemed to work very well, or at all, and all my searching never alerted me to anything. Then a couple days back I was looking at twitter and...
Published: Fri, Aug 17 - 2012
     Time for a quick blog post about Cortina. What's Cortina you ask, well let me tell you.
     Cortina is a nice little application that lets you create slide shows for you wallpaper on Linux. Works great on Linux Mint, should work for all Ubuntu based distros. You have to install it from a PPA as it's not in the software center, yet..
     Once installed you can launch it. The GUI is very simple, just one window, with two tabs. This just...
Published: Sun, Jul 29 - 2012
<Disclaimer>This blog post really only applies to people running Linux with the Cinnamon interface, if you're not using those, this blog will be of no use to you.</Disclaimer>

     Alright, now that we have that out of the way, lets get on to the coolness. :) So as some of you may notice I'm a fan of Blender, and the various different developmental builds that are part of GSoC, Google Summer of Code. I have several different versions on my laptop at the moment, five to be exact. Before I found this, I had to browse to the folder that the programs were...
Published: Wed, Jun 13 - 2012
     Are you the cheffy type, is that even a word? Do you like to cook? Are you looking for a way to go digital with your recipes? Well if you answered yes to any of the above you NEED to know about Gourmet Recipe Manager.
      The About, in the software, says this: Gourmet Recipe Manager is an application to store, organize and search recipes. Gourmet also makes it easy to create shopping lists from recipes. Gourmet imports recipes from a number of sources, including MealMaster and MasterCook archives and several popular websites. Gourmet...