Published: Fri, Jan 26 - 2018
Published: Sun, May 28 - 2017

     A short while back I received a message on my Facebook page from a fan who was suggesting that I get a Patreon or look into creating a course on Udemy. I'd never heard of Udemy prior this, so I looked it up, 'cause that's what you do when you come across something and you don't know what it is. Quickly for those of you that haven't heard of Udemy it's a site online where you can take courses in many different things, some free, and some for pay. I have been thinking about writing a curriculum that teaches coding using Minetest as a base, and this was kinda the kick...

Published: Sun, Mar 19 - 2017
     I'm starting work on a new Minetest subgame. You're probably familiar with my Survive! subgame, and that was a good starting point, but things have gotten to the point where things are just far too unorganized, and it will be best to just start an entire game from scratch, rather than modding default_game. Why start a new subgame?      Well for me it's mostly about compatibility and good code. In my Survive! subgame there is code for plants in default, plants, farming, food, desert_life, and survival. This makes compatibility difficult because when I need to...
Published: Thu, Sep 22 - 2016
     I've been meaning to do this for a while, but just haven't had the time, or motivation I guess, but today that all changes. I found myself with some free time, and took it upon myself to decide upon a release schedule for all my Minetest videos. I don't know how well this is actually going to turn out, but I think it will be much better than what I've been doing. So basically I record all my vidoes on Wednesdays, though that might be changing, but the only two videos that have set release dates are my mod reviews/modding tutorials, which are released on Monday, and then my...
Published: Wed, Apr 13 - 2016

    I am changing up a few things on my Youtube channel, though they won't all be immediately evident, as I have a backlog of videos that will have to be posted before the new videos with the changes will be public on youtube. Starting in about a month my videos will be monetized as soon as they are posted publicly(this means they will have those annoying ads that everybody hates.) You can avoid these ads by either visiting my website and checking the videos out when I post them, or by following me on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, as I always share the videos as soon as they...

Published: Wed, Mar 16 - 2016
     I've been playing Minetest on a certain server, and have been watching things through the IRC quite a bit, and I've noticed multiple times while just watching the IRC that people are talking about being griefed so I thought to myself, there must be a way to create a little script that can run through the logs and detect bad behavior. I'm no expert when it comes to the command line and bash, but I bashed a little something together, (pun intended) and created a working script.


cd $(dirname $0)

TIME=$(date "+%y-%m-%d")...
Published: Wed, Feb 10 - 2016

     I've just added a new page to my Minetest collection, tutorials! Now these tutorials won't be modding tutorials, as they already have a section of their own, but tutorials on how to install mods, texturepacks, subgames, how to set up servers, gameplay related things to the engine. I already have a few such videos made, so the page has four videos linked already, each with all their related links and such to make everything simple and easy to use.
     I have a plan to do a series of shorts on the complete basics of Minetest, how to create worlds,...

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