Minetest Curriculum

I've wanted to write a training course for Minetest for some time, and this year is the time to make it happen. I had planned on releasing everything for free on Youtube, and collect the ad revenue as my only form of payment, but with Youtube changing their partner program in such a way that I'll likely never qualify I'm trying to think of other means of monetizing this course. Unlike my other videos this will be a fully scripted series of videos, heavily edited to cut out the cruft and keep everything on topic and to the point.

At this point I'm working on the scripts and title graphics. I'm thinking of doing something like what I have above. A simple frame of stone, with the title on the top, a picture on the left that encapsulates what the lesson will teach, and then a series of bullet points on the right that lists the main topics.

One idea I've had for how to make some money off this scheme is to sell the answers to the challenge questions, which would make it great for educators that don't necessarily know Lua or Minetest modding, but still need to be able to check their students work, and have an explanation for the solutions and how they work. I'd be hoping that educators would make a donation as well, as using Minetest rather than Minecraft would save them a lot of money as there are no licenses to purchase, and Minetest runs well on older hardware, whereas Minecraft doesn't.


I'd love to hear any feedback you might have on this very vague post.

Your intentions are quite good :)
I've followed you in your videos and they are a great way to disseminate the goodness of minetest.
regarding the monetization scheme to sell answers, I'm unsure if this can be really satisfactory for you to have enough money, but surely can be an encouragement.
Keep up with your enthusiasm.
BTW: I also did try to start a dissemination via video and web material in italy, but it is really not easy to do it by oneself. A lot of time needed.

Selling the answers certainly won't bring in a lot of money, but if I could make just a few dollars off of it, I'd be happy, that's about all I would have been able to make off of it had Youtube not changed their policy for advertising.

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