Minetest LP changes

     I've been meaning to do this for a while, but just haven't had the time, or motivation I guess, but today that all changes. I found myself with some free time, and took it upon myself to decide upon a release schedule for all my Minetest videos. I don't know how well this is actually going to turn out, but I think it will be much better than what I've been doing. So basically I record all my vidoes on Wednesdays, though that might be changing, but the only two videos that have set release dates are my mod reviews/modding tutorials, which are released on Monday, and then my Survive LP which comes out on Friday. My other three LPs, Sakel World, Ducake's Vivarium, and TPS Xtreme were all just being released whenever, but I wasn't releasing often enough so I kept building up more and more videos that weren't getting released. That isn't really a problem, but it was creating long delays between recording and publishing, which was probably confusing for some people that were in my videos.
     I've decided upon a new release schedule, which doesn't change the two videos that have been getting released on Monday and Friday, those will continue as normal, the other videos will be released on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I actually added the release days into the menu here, so if you go to the LP tab and then hover over any LP I'm recording you'll see when the next video will be released, so here is what the release schedule looks like.

Monday: Mod Review/Modding Tutorial
Tuesday: DuCake's Vivarium
Wednesday: SaKeL's World
Thursday: TPS Xtreme
Friday: Survive!

     I haven't yet decided on release times, probably won't be releasing them at any specific time for a while as I can't schedule a video that has been marked as unlisted, it's a youtube thing. Until my backlog is cleared out I'll be posting them when I have a chance to mark them public online.

     I am also in the process of creating server pages for all of the servers that I've recorded videos on, and will have them independent of my LP pages. There are a few reasons for doing this, one of which is I want the server page to focus more on the server itself than the videos that I'm making on it. I also plan on linking to other peoples LPs if they fit some standards that I have yet to decide upon. :) I also plan on having a list that will show some of the mods that are on the server, links to the servers website, blog, forum topic, anything like that. There are some servers that I potentially will visit and only record one or two videos on, videos that wouldn't be LPs at all, so it will be good to have a format set for those types of videos/pages.

     That's about it guys, thanks for all the subscribers, likes, comments, and everything else, you guy are seriously some of the best fans a person could ask for, though I know every single youtuber says that about their fans. :P

great now I can see you on servers YAY can't wait *<:)

Well these are going to be the release dates, I'm not positive about the recording dates yet.......
I'm starting a new job in two weeks which will give me normal hours, every morning off, so I'll probably be doing all my recording in the mornings, but I'll post an update when I get that all figured out. :)
Also looking to be moving soon, so that might change things up a little bit too. :P

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