Minetest Mod Reviews

     Yay!!! It's taken me some time, but I finally have all of my Minetest Mod Reivews live on my website, and all the videos on youtube with the same thumbnail template, everything looks really nice now. I just have to add the new videos as I created them now. :) All of the video descriptions have been updated to show the link to the video on my website, and I've put the links all the in same order, so those are all following the same theming style as well. I should have set a layout from the get go, it would have made things so much easier now, but as they say hindsite is twenty-twenty.

     Before I start celebrating too much, I should realize that I have 25 modding tutorials that I need to create thumbnails for, and add to my website. I do plan on using a different font for the modding tutorials, something that looks more like a code font-face, as if there really is any such a thing, but I think you know what I mean.

     Well I'm off to the Open Font Library to find myself a good font to use for the thumbnails, that's right peoples I use Open fonts for my projects too. :D


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