Minetest Modding video series

     Hey everybody, you and I both know you have some great ideas about how to improve Minetest. Well maybe improving Minetest is a little far fetched, not that it doesn't have room for improvement, but you probably have more ideas about mods that can be made*. Well do I have good news for you, I've recently started a playlist on Youtube of Minetest Modding videos. I'm starting out with the basics, as I'm no modding master, but we'll learn together. The videos will be released weekly on Fridays, and they will be without ads for one month, after which point I'll be monetizing the videos, sorry but a fellows got to make a little money somehow.
     The first few videos in the series is just going to be coving the basics, but then we'll be getting into creating our very own survival mod, which I'll be putting up on Github so everybody can follow along with the mod, and can easily make suggestions for changes and improvements.
     I know meshes are relatively new for Minetest, at the time of this writing they've just showed up in the official releases. I have a fairly extensive history with Blender, so I'll be making a video or two showing how to create your own meshes and using them in the game.

     I should probably mention the URL for the playlist so you can follow along. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-uTdq9t8wyxzp5YcyELjQUsXPn2aL1ba

     Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride.

*I make these assumptions based on the fact that you probably did a search for something similar to find this blog.