Minetest Posting Changes

     In an attempt to bring more traffic to my website and potentially make a little more revenue on ads, both on my blog posts on my website and on my Youtube videos I'm seriously contemplating changing a few things around. Currently I'm usually getting my mod review videos recorded and uploaded on Wednesday, I set them to unlisted and link them on my website which means that anybody that visits my website can see the videos on Wednesday. I release the videos publicly on Youtube the following Monday and usually let them sit around a month before enabling ads on them. I get a decent amount of views on Monday when the video goes public, and it seems as if the vast majority of the views happen the first few days the video goes public. I've only been releasing the videos early on my website for a few weeks so I don't know how that will change views at all, but assuming that I get a good number of views before making the video public I may change my ad strategy and monetize the videos when I make them public on Monday. Not only would visitors here see the video without ads, but they'd get to see it early.

     Deciding how to do this stuff has always been difficult for me, like I have ads on my website, just on the blog posts, but I encourage people to use an ad-block, like how does that make sense? I'm not doing this just to try and make money, I really enjoy making my mod reviews, and Lets plays, and even just writing up blog posts in general. Somewhere there must be a fine line that separates making revenue and doing what I love...

     I will wait a few more weeks and see how things work before I make any changes to my ads. I don't want to annoy my viewers as I appreciate you all, but at the same time the allure of making a little money is always nice, I mean who doesn't want a little extra spending money?

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