New Minetest Page

     I've just added a new page to my Minetest collection, tutorials! Now these tutorials won't be modding tutorials, as they already have a section of their own, but tutorials on how to install mods, texturepacks, subgames, how to set up servers, gameplay related things to the engine. I already have a few such videos made, so the page has four videos linked already, each with all their related links and such to make everything simple and easy to use.
     I have a plan to do a series of shorts on the complete basics of Minetest, how to create worlds, enable mods, how to make manual backups, how to make changes to the config files and use the settings tab in the menu. If there is anything you think that a beginner might find confusing I want to make a video explaining it. These videos will be released in the place of a mod review, not that I'm going to stop doing the mod reviews, but I'll only be releasing two videos a week, so it will either be a mod review or a tutorial video, and then the Friday release will remain the LP episode.
     I've been getting more consistent traffic to my website and I'm hoping this will prove to be another helpful resource for my visitors.
    Also, totally cool new addition, social sharing buttons, sharing made easy (R). All my Minetest posts and blog posts now have buttons to share the content to some of the most popular social networks. Help me out by distributing my content, and encourage others to waste their time watching my videos.

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