NF - Therapy Session

     Therapy Session released on April 22nd 2016 and is NF's second release (If we don't count the EP), the album clocks in at just under an hour (58:11), the album lives up to it's title, therapy session. NF opens up and really lays his heart on the table.

     Intro 2 is a great opening track, as his first album, Mansion, started with Intro. This makes a great sequel track, is that even a thing? He starts by asking if we've missed him, and then goes right into what we can expect from this new album, making several great throwbacks to Mansion in the process. I especially
like the portion of the lyrics where he says:
Write a review, tell me what you think of this
Give me three stars and call me and idiot
But to be honest, it don't make a difference
I know some people don't get it
But you have now entered a Therapy Session
If you don't like music that's personal, I have no clue what you people are doing here
Might as well throw out the record
I've always been the type of person, well maybe not ALWAYS, but I am now, that has thought that other people's opinions and thoughts about us shouldn't really effect us at all, their thinking something about us doesn't make it true, no more than my thinking that a stop sign is blue makes it blue.

     Therapy Session, what I consider to be the title track, both because the album and the track share the same name, and because this track really delves into the thought process that is behind the album, where the motivation comes from to write and rap. NF bares all and lets us into his head, letting us know about some of the things that go on with his being an artist and how people both look up to him and relate to him, even when he feels that his writing is more for himself and to help him cope than really being directed to the audience that he knows will listen to it.

     I Just Wanna Know, is a track that goes all over the place, from a relationship with a friend, to his relationship with his parents. It boils down to just living life with intention and not putting things off. People are constantly changing, and if we don't do anything to remain in that persons life we'll find ourselves drifting farther and farther apart until we reach a point where we have nothing in common any more.

     How Could You Leave Us is a heartfelt song in which NF just asks his mom, how she could leave her family, it talks a lot about substance abuse and how people get caught up in their addictions until it ultimately costs them their lives. This is probably one of the most emotional tracks on the album, it ends with a section of NF basically just talking over a slow piano track talking about how he sometimes thinks about the things his mom will miss out on by not being alive any more.

     Oh Lord is a song that really asks some hard questions. I especially like the lines where he says
Watching the news in our living rooms on the big screens
And talking 'bout "If God's really real, then where is He?"
You see the same God that you saying might not even exist
Becomes real to us, but only when we dying in bed
There are so many people that question the existence of God, and ask if God is real why he doesn't do anything about all the evil in this world, but then the moment that something bad happens in their life the blame Him. It causes me to do a double take every time, one minute you say He doesn't exist, and the next you're blaming him for something that happened that you deem to be bad, and something that God should have kept from happening.

     Grindin', features Marty from Social Club, hands down my favorite part of this track is the lines where Marty asks,
They don't like us and we question they moms like
"Why did - why did you allow your kid to like bad music?"
I can't count the amount of times that I've heard/read of people that are complaining about how their don't like the music their kids listen to, or how the movies/games influence their children. I guess I'm not the only person that doesn't understand if they don't like the influences from these forms of media why are they buying them for their kids, or letting their kids buy them?

    The album ends with the track Lost in the Moment featuring Jonathan Thulin. This song sounds to me to be what we see on the album cover, NF as both the person on the couch and in the chair, or looking in a mirror, talking to himself, asking questions about his existence and why he is doing the things he is doing. The song switches between the perspective of NF talking to himself, and of God talking to him.

Favorite Song:
     It's hard to pick out a single track to list as my favorite because they are all just so good, Track 9, Got You on My Mind does tug at my heart strings though, maybe I'm just a helpless romantic but I do find that song really sweet. It's also one of the few tracks on the album that is rather lighthearted, other than the part in the first verse about them both loosing parents due to abuse. Not that I don't like the raw emotion filled tracks on the rest of the album, but this is kinda like a little respite in the middle of an album that is mostly full of gritty details.

Final words:
     Get this album, you won't be sorry, while you're at it pick up Mansion to if you don't already have it.

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