November '16 Earnings

     This has been a good month even if I don't have the highest earnings listed. I managed to get all my youtube videos recorded and uploaded in a timely fashion, even though I've started a new job, and am still working Saturdays at my old job, just for a few more weeks though.
     I've been noticing a trend, and I'm hoping that I might be able to change that some this month. Trend being that I'm making close to nothing off of the ads on my website, now this could be due to two different things, either I'm just not getting traffic on my site, or my site isn't optimized for ads, the latter is the case. I have something around 200 visits a week on my site, now those visits probably aren't all real, some are the bots that leave comments that I have to delete from the comment moderation, but that's still a decent amount of probable real traffic. Trouble is that the ads are only displayed on blog posts, and I intend to keep things that way, but they are way at the bottom, where nobody is going to see them. This month, December, I'm going to be doing some work on overhauling my site, making it work with wider screens, as analytics tell me that most people that view my site are doing so with screens that are wider that my widest layout currently. With a wider screen area I can more easily sneak in an ad on the right or left side of a blog post. Anybody visiting the post would then see the ad, and I'd get an impression if nothing else, and impressions lead to clicks. If people aren't seeing the ads they can't possibly click on them.

     As always you can find my earnings on this page.

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