November '17 earnings

     So I realize that it's a little late, like almost the middle of the month, but better late than never. I actually completely forgot about the report, well until yesterday that is when I realized that I'd never put up a November earnings post, so without further ado, here it is.
     Earnings continue to decrease, which is still to be expected with fewer and fewer videos being public on my channel. I only manged to pull in two dollars and ninty-five cents, but on the upside my new Minetest Videos channel is at close to four-thousand views, and once it gets to ten-thousand I should be able to put ads on those videos and start bringing in a little more money.
     Somehow I manged to make two cents off of ads on my website, which I've never understood honestly, but whatever, it all adds up, even if it takes a very long time to add up to anything worth talking about.

     As always you can check out the full report on my Transparency Report page.