October '17 Earnings

     My earnings this month are honestly better than I expected. I haven't been posting a whole lot of content on my main channel, and keep moving content off of that channel and onto the new Minetest Videos channel, which still doesn't have enough views to be eligible for advertising. (about 1/5 of the way there, so don't stop watching guys.) I have a lot of raw footage of repairs and stuff that I've done around my house that I need to get edited and published, but with all the house work that I've been doing I just don't have the time to be making a bunch of videos. Same goes for Minetest videos. I've just been publishing old content, as I haven't had the time to make new content. Hopefully things will slow down in January where I'll have time to be creating new material. Hopefully I'll be able to get some new content posted over some of the holidays upcoming, as I'll have off from work for those days, and will be able to devote a little more time to these things
     Lets talk money, I made three sixty-seven off of my youtube channel, not horrible for only releasing two videos, both of which have less than twenty views. It's all the old videos that people are still finding and watching. Interestingly enough I made forty cents off of an ad on my website. Here I was thinking they were completely useless and should just be removed altogether, and then bam, forty cents finds its way into my pocket.
     Guys, if you are thinking of quitting your job to pursue a career on youtube, don't do it. Keep the day job and pursue the career. Chances are with all the amazing stuff youtube is doing as of late you won't be able to make any money. I've uploaded videos of home repairs and youtube has said they are advertiser unfriendly and have limited or no ads. No joke I see ads that have worse ratings than my videos would get if they were rated. I just don't understand what youtube is doing lately, and honestly I don't think anybody else does either, probably not even youtube.
     As always if you want to check out the full report and see what I've made every month for the last year plus you can find it here.

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