Pilot Juice Pens

      For some time I've been a fan of gel pens, there is just something about them, they write so smooth and have such good ink flow. Bic pens are alright, but face it, a good gel pen beats a stick pen any day. I've gone through a few gel pens in my time, usually the tips get messed up from being dropped long before I use all the ink up.
     When my last blue gel pen had it's tip messed up, thanks a lot Ada, I decided that it was time to start a search for a pink gel pen. I never would have expected it to be as hard to find as I found it to be. There are hundreds of places that sell pink pens, most with the pink ribbon, but they mostly still all write black, which what is the point of having a pink pen if the ink isn't pink, amiright?
     After a few hours of searching, spread over three nights I finally found a place online that sold what I was looking for, pink gel pens, and in a variety of shades. If you ever find yourself needing some good pens or supplies I highly recommend Jetpens.com. I went all out and bought far more pens than I probably should have, but with a twenty-five dollar order you got free shipping, and shipping was around six dollars otherwise, what would you have done? Of course you'll notice there are some purple pens in my header image, a few days prior to my ordering the pens I discovered that a certain somebody's favorite color is purple, rather than always lending her my pens I thought I might just buy her a few, at $1.65ea it was hard not too.
     As I mentioned I opted to get the free shipping, which according to the website was suppose to take around two weeks, so I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived in my mail in around four days time. I wasn't sure which color I should start with as my daily driver as I had so many colors to choose from, and most of the colors I got in two tip sizes, .5mm and .7mm.

     So how do the pens work out, and what do I think of them, well let me tell you. They are simply amazing, honestly I don't know when I've ever used a pen before that was as smooth as these are. As you can see I used a handful of them to create a little graphic to show the different colors and the difference in the tip size. You'll doubtless notice that some of them are only in one size, this is because at the time of my ordering they were only available in the one size. I don't know if they'll ever be available at the other tip size or not. When writing you can notice subtle differences in the tip sizes, the .7mm tips write just a hair smoother and of course have a slightly more bold look to them.
     With the exception of the Pastel Pink all the colors are very easy to see on white paper. Pastel Pink is more intended for writing on darker paper I'd imagine, though if you spend some time and use a few colors together on white paper you can get some really nice shadows and highlights. I don't suppose many people would want to spend this kind of time on writing notes, but if you are making art and drawing things, that extra time isn't a big deal and is half the fun of making art anyway.

     I should mention that I'm not being paid by JetPens or Pilot to promote these pens, I just like to recommend good products to people, and companies that I trust. JetPens will be getting my business for the foreseeable future, though I should mention I don't go through pens too quickly and the dozen or so that I have should last me almost as many years.

     If you are looking for pink pens, or any other color really check out the Juice line by Pilot on Jetpens' website, Amazon.com, or any other pen stores site.

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