Published: Thu, Apr 15 - 2010

Sitting here at Harbor Freight,
Wondering how much longer I'll have to wait.
For a customer to come through,
and give me a chance something to do.
It gets boring here on register,
Sometimes I feel like a legislator.
Doing nothing, getting paid,
Somebody please, come to my aid.
Somebody please give me work,
Worry not I won't shirk.
As the minutes slowly drag by,
Wait do I see something in the corner of my eye!
A customer finally, with basket in his hand,
Snazzely dressed, and nicely tanned....

Published: Tue, Apr 13 - 2010

It's a funny thing what poetry can do,
How it can pull a smile or tears from you.
Just written words on the pages,
That transcend through time and ages.
It's been written in love and war,
Yet it always seems to mean more.
Than the same written without rhyme,
Without, beat, rhythm, or in line.
Sometimes things can only be said,
Written in verse, or they're dead.