Return to Rest Album Review

     So I've been doing my Linux posts lately, and I have a half related Linux post, that I've been meaning to put together for a while. So I won this album, from a retweet contest, on twitter. If you care to follow her here is her twitter. So I know what you're all thinking, an album, big deal, and what does this have to deal with Linux. Well it turns out that Wendy uses OpenOctave to create her music. I wish I could give you a review of OpenOctave, but sadly I've not been able to build it myself, something with dependencies, and just not knowing enough of the lingo to be able to figure it out. But for all of you Linux Savy, peoples that really want to make your own music, OpenOctave is the place to be, I think. Their website has good instructions on how to download, compile and build, and like I say, I followed them all, and they were comprehensive and good, but I'm having dependency issues and just not sure how to fix them.

      Now on the the last part of the blog post. An Album Review. There are 15 tracks, which come to 51 minutes and 13 seconds. The tracks are as follows.
1. Hallelujah
2. Blessed I
3. Ecclesiastes 3
4. Psalm 19
5. There is Joy
6. Isaiah 55
7. Blessed II
8. Return to Rest
9. My Prayer
10. Seek Ye The Lord
11. What God Inspires
12. The Storm
13. Blessed Be the Lord
14. The Fire Burned
15. O Holy Night

     The first track, which runs just under a minute and a half is just the word Hallelujah. I'll be honest, when I first read through the lyrics, I was like, A song with just one word?!?!? but when I actually listened to it, it was beautiful. Well it was beautiful all along, I just didn't know, because I hadn't listened to it.
     Track 15, is the classic Christmas Carol O Holy Night, but I could listen to Wendy singing this over and over, it's really well done.
     Track 8, Return to Rest, features Wendy's husband, which I think is a very nice touch. I always like listening to songs that have a husband wife duo, it just adds a little something extra to the song.

     Before I get any hate mail, or accusations, Wendy did not pay me to write this, and had she, she would have wasted her money, I fear. Nor did she ask me to write a review, she probably doesn't even know I have a blog. That being said, if you are interested in checking out more of her music, or buying a CD, or digital download, here's where to find it. You can actually listen to her entire Return to Rest album right on her home page, all from on youtube. It's a nice way to hear her music before you buy it.