Published: Sun, Jan 1 - 2017

     The year has come to an end, and with that comes the obligatory farewell to 2016 and more importantly my earnings for the year. Now I always do the monthly earnings on my transparency report, and I report on those numbers at the end of each month this time I'll be reporting on the whole year, and not do a separate post for December, as that would be pointless. So lets start off with the earnings from ads on my blog, mainly because they are so pointless and I should just remove them. This entire year I made forty-one cents from ad views on my blog. Forty-one...
Published: Mon, May 23 - 2016

     Therapy Session released on April 22nd 2016 and is NF's second release (If we don't count the EP), the album clocks in at just under an hour (58:11), the album lives up to it's title, therapy session. NF opens up and really lays his heart on the table.

     Intro 2 is a great opening track, as his first album, Mansion, started with Intro. This makes a great sequel track, is that even a thing? He starts by asking if we've missed him, and then goes right into what we can expect from this new album, making several great...
Published: Wed, Feb 24 - 2016

     Life Screams is the first solo album from Lacey Sturm (former lead singer of Flyleaf), and was released on February 12th 2016.
     My relationship with Flyleaf has an odd start, back in two-thousand eight Third Day released their album Revelation which had a track "Run to You" that featured Lacey. I fell in love with her voice right away, and shortly thereafter discovered Flyleaf, and have been a fan since.
     As a long time fan of Flyleaf I was saddened when Lacey made the decision to leave Flyleaf...
Published: Fri, Sep 27 - 2013
             Welcome back, if you haven't read part 1 you can find it here.

     We'll be looking at more of the options that Variety gives us, starting with the Manual downloading tab.
     Manual downloading is actually pretty cool, say you're browsing the web, and stumble upon a cool picture that you'd like to have as a desktop background, well you can just click'n'drag that image, or URL and drop it on the Variety icon in your status bar and the image will be saved to your...
Published: Fri, Sep 20 - 2013
     Everybody likes a little variety in their life, be it Linux distros, themes, icon packs, or wallpapers. Well today I'm going to be telling you about a program that can bring you some variety to your desktop wallpaper. For those of you that are regular readers of my blog you'll probably remember my posting about a program called Cortina which is a very simple way to automatically change your wallpaper, but maybe you want something with a few more options, and more features, then look no further than Variety.

     Variety is a feature...
Published: Sun, Aug 25 - 2013
     So I've had my bike for a little over a month now, time for a review.
     I'm probably the average driver, taking my bike to work five days a week, it's about an eight mile drive. I drove exclusively on city streets until Friday when I took my bike on the freeway, but more on that later.
     Since buying my bike I've replaced both tires, the air filter, oil and oil filter, brake fluid, and used two tanks of gas. What can I say, the bike needed some work, but it was a good deal. I even gave her a bath, only to...
Published: Thu, Jun 20 - 2013
     I recently had the pleasure of obtaining a great film called Sarah's Choice, and keeping with my theme I have a review.
         Cast: Rebecca St. James - Sarah Collins
Logan White - Megan
Dick Van Patten - Pastor Smith
Brad Stine - Clay
Staci Keanan - Denise
Ethan Cooper Roy - Jack
Julian Bailey - Matt Evans
Robert Miano - Henry
Sidney Mason Gunn - Jill
Sean McGowan - Chad        The Plot:      The movie opens with Sarah employed...
Published: Mon, Jun 3 - 2013
The Pretender, a Christiano Film (1987)

     I just recently obtained this film, and only last night watched it. I was on the edge of my seat, constantly wondering where the next turn was going to be, what the next surprise would be.
     Here's a breakdown of the plot, don't worry, I won't spoil anything.
     Keith, played by Mark Rose, is on nearly every girls blacklist in the school, his claim to fame, dating a girl to get what he wants, and then dumping them. Keith turns tables and fakes getting saved to get...
Published: Thu, Dec 13 - 2012
     I know I promised to put up a post about The Lord of the Rings movie series a while back, but I never got around to it, here it is though.
     So I spent about eleven and a half hours at the beginning of last month watching the three movies that make up The Lord of the Rings movie. Why was I watching the movie anyways? well a good friend said I should buy them if I ever saw them at resale shops, and I did that, then after things happened between myself and this friend I decided to watch the videos on my own, the plan had been to watch them...
Published: Fri, Aug 17 - 2012
     Time for a quick blog post about Cortina. What's Cortina you ask, well let me tell you.
     Cortina is a nice little application that lets you create slide shows for you wallpaper on Linux. Works great on Linux Mint, should work for all Ubuntu based distros. You have to install it from a PPA as it's not in the software center, yet..
     Once installed you can launch it. The GUI is very simple, just one window, with two tabs. This just...