September '17 Earnings

     September was a pretty good month, made four dollars and twenty-six cents. With releasing fewer and fewer videos on my old channel there have been less views, and with less views obviously less revenue. My new channel has been doing okay, but needs to get ten thousand views before it becomes eligible for advertising. At the time of writing this I have just slightly over one thousand views. Releasing videos obviously helps with that, and I'm still working on getting all the videos from my old channel published on the new Minetest only channel. Once the new channel is eligible I expect the earnings to still be a little lower than recently, because there are far fewer subscribers on that channel, which is why you should subscribe if you haven't already. :) Also because all of the Minetest videos from my old channel are being changed to unlisted, this ensures that any links to them that might exist continue to be valid, but will keep the videos from showing in a search result, as I want people to subscribe to the new channel.
     In other fun news, that has nothing to do with earning money, my house is progressing along smoothly, and I should hopefully start having some home improvement videos on my youtube channel.

     As always you can see the full breakdown on my earnings in the transparency report.

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