Published: Mon, Dec 7 - 2015

~~Because I had somebody thinking this was a true story I feel inclined to put a disclaimer here.~~
~~This story is fictitious, and entirely made up.~~


     My family had no idea, no idea I was going to be bringing over my girlfriend for supper, no idea she had a nine year old daughter, and I was fine with that.

     I left the house without raising any suspicion, nothing too special about my going out on a Wednesday, they all thought I was going to hit up the local thrift stories as I usually did on...

Published: Sun, Jul 17 - 2011

A Dragon

    “I fear it’s true my lad.”
    “What father? That a dragon really lives around here.”
     “Yes Fredric just the other day the neighbor says a green thing started a huge fire. The people are asking the king to send out an army to kill the dragon.”
     “Father do you think there is a chance that I will be able to go?”
     “I see no reason why you couldn’t. You’re a knight you’re young. The king will want young men to chase the dragon.”...

Published: Sun, Jul 17 - 2011

     “Andrew Berkly Thomas!” The shout rang loud and clear.
     “What could it possibly be now?” Andrew muttered under his breath, “I haven’t been doing anything.” Slowly, dragging his feet, he shuffled toward the school door.
     “What teacher” he said with obvious disgust in his voice, “I ain’t been doing nothing.”
     “Haven’t been doing anything.” she sternly corrected.
     “Ain’t that what I said.”
     “No that’s not what you said, but...

Published: Sun, Jul 17 - 2011

    My story is about the yellow house down the rode with the dirty, broken windows. I was once dared to climb through one of its broken windows to discover what was inside. I being no coward accepted the challenge, but as I climbed through I noticed bats flying around; I still to this day don’t know if they were vampire bats. Having always heard about the dreadful nature of bats going around attacking people and sucking their blood out you can understand why I almost turned back. I turned on my flashlight and proceeded to shine it back and forth this seemed to calm the...