Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta

     I have been a user of Windows Live Photo Gallery for a while and used it to tag lots of people, but recently Windows came out out with Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta which will suggest people who the faces belong to. Well recently  I was going to be out for an afternoon so I took my portable hard-drive and plugged it in, then let Windows Live Photo Gallery scan through the pictures to look for faces. I have a few thousand photos and it went through all of the, and found me about eight hundred new faces and had forty people that it found faces for. Out of all the faces it tried to guess who they were, only four were wrong. Now I’m not a great supporter of Microsoft products, but, Windows Live Photo Gallery is really cool, and works very well, now if it only could play .mov files.

     So you might be wondering, “Why is this tagged Kinda Scary?” Well let me tell you, it’s not because of the fact that I have so many photographs. It’s because Windows Live Photo Gallery has facial recognition that works that well. Some of the faces were so blurred or in the background with poor lighting and yet it still could tell who they were, and with the amount it had right, and the lack of ones wrong it’s not just lucky guesses.
     If you don’t have Windows Live Photo Gallery I do recommend you download it. Just go to windows website and download, I’m not sure, but I think they will require Microsoft Silverlight for it to work, which is also a free download.
     Auto tagging doesn’t work without some work on your part, the more pictures you have and the more tagging you have done and do the better it will be at guessing the faces.
     Windows Live Photo Gallery does have several cool extra features publish to facebook, and several others.