Fri, Dec 15 - 2017
     If you are a home owner there is a fairly good chance that at some point you are going to need to replace the lock on your garage door, fortunately with the right parts and tools this is a very easy job, but not so easy that you don't totally need to watch this informative video I created about the process.

     There are a few things that can be a little tricky about pulling the old retaining ring off and putting the new one on. Because the old ring will be thrown away I suggest using a pair of wire cutters to simply cut it into...
Thu, Dec 14 - 2017
     So I realize that it's a little late, like almost the middle of the month, but better late than never. I actually completely forgot about the report, well until yesterday that is when I realized that I'd never put up a November earnings post, so without further ado, here it is.
     Earnings continue to decrease, which is still to be expected with fewer and fewer videos being public on my channel. I only manged to pull in two dollars and ninty-five cents, but on the upside my new Minetest Videos channel is at close to four-thousand views, and once it...
Tue, Dec 5 - 2017
     After I bought my house I wanted to get a refrigerator and use it, I discovered that the kitchen outlet I was going to use wasn't grounded though. Fortunately that's not a big deal when you know the basics of electric wiring. The outlet had the ability to be grounded, but when the previous owner had run power to it they didn't bother connecting a grounding line, and used two wire cable rather than three. I could have hired an electrician to do it for me, but that would have been expensive, and I live in a place where I can do my own electrical work. Running new wire is...
Thu, Nov 30 - 2017

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas
Only a hippopotamus will do
Don't want a doll
No dinky tinker toy
I want a hippopotamus to play with and enjoy

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas
I don't think Santa Claus will mind do you
He won't have to use
A dirty chimney flue
Just bring him through the front door
That's the easy thing to do

I can see me now on Christmas morning
Creeping down the stairs
Oh what joy and what surprise
When I open up my eyes...

Tue, Nov 28 - 2017
Fri, Nov 17 - 2017
     My bedroom has only one closet, which admittedly is rather normal, but I want to turn that closet into a sound booth so I can do voice talent. Turning the closet into a sound booth means that I need to find another place to put my clothes and stuff. Fortunately for me the room adjacent to mine has a very deep closet, something about nine feet, and it runs along the side of my room. There is no reason, that I can think of why I would every need that big of a closet for a single room, so I had the brilliant idea of adding a second entry into the closet space, making it...
Sat, Nov 4 - 2017
     My earnings this month are honestly better than I expected. I haven't been posting a whole lot of content on my main channel, and keep moving content off of that channel and onto the new Minetest Videos channel, which still doesn't have enough views to be eligible for advertising. (about 1/5 of the way there, so don't stop watching guys.) I have a lot of raw footage of repairs and stuff that I've done around my house that I need to get edited and published, but with all the house work that I've been doing I just don't have the time to be making a bunch of videos. Same goes...
Fri, Nov 3 - 2017
     My rear door was kinda bad, about half of the sweep was torn off, and was uselessly dragging around on the ground, completely defeating the purpose of even having it. I hated having the breezes blowing through, bugs waltzing in, and even worse stepping on the bit that was dragging on the floor when trying to close the door. I knew I could go out and buy a new sweep, but why buy something when I can cobble together something that will work for way less money, like free!

     At work I can pick up scrap parts that we throw out, so I have a...
Wed, Nov 1 - 2017

     This blog post is meant to give further instructions and fun information about the multiple firepits I've built, for a variety of reasons. I've currently built three different fire pits, and each one gets better than the previous, so I'm not too worried about needing to tear down my existing and build yet another when I get the landscaping in my yard finished next year.

     I've built all the firepits out of retaining wall blocks that were in the landscaping when I bought my house. The previous owner must have gotten some great deal on these...

Fri, Oct 6 - 2017

     September was a pretty good month, made four dollars and twenty-six cents. With releasing fewer and fewer videos on my old channel there have been less views, and with less views obviously less revenue. My new channel has been doing okay, but needs to get ten thousand views before it becomes eligible for advertising. At the time of writing this I have just slightly over one thousand views. Releasing videos obviously helps with that, and I'm still working on getting all the videos from my old channel published on the new Minetest only channel. Once the new channel is...


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