Sun, Apr 7 - 2013
     Second blog post "attacking" pastors.
     I know many people probably don't think this is a big deal, many people probably don't even notice, but please stop generalizing everything so much. So today in the morning service the pastor/preacher, don't know which he likes to be called, kept saying all of you do this, all of you do that, you all struggle with this, don't even think you don't, 'cause you do. He basically said all people in the world have the problem of X. I sat there listening, thinking, you know, not everybody has that problem,...
Wed, Feb 20 - 2013
     Its tax time again, a time to dread or anticipate, depending if you are getting a refund or have to pay. Most state will require you to pay any sales taxes on purchases online, or through the mail, that you haven't already paid sales tax on. Keeping track of these purchase can be a chore, and adding them all up at the end of the year, requires finding all the reports of purchases you made without tax. Starting now though you can make next years tax time easier.
     Many people keep track of their finances with software, and I'm no different...
Wed, Feb 13 - 2013
     So I use Conky to monitor my system and give me valuable information. I also switch between using WiFi and a direct Ethernet connection, for a long time I've only been able to see what kind of speed I have going with my WiFi through my Conky setup. I could have made a copy and had the Eth0 and Wlan0 speeds always showing, but that wastes space, on the desktop, not worried about the file size. Today I decided to see if I couldn't get some sort of if then setup in Conky, so I did what any true geek would do, did a Google search. I found that yes indeed this can be done...
Sat, Feb 9 - 2013
     So I was looking at some social networks, looking at stuff my liberal relatives posted/shared, and when I do that, I usually end up with lots of good blog material, like this picture.
     Liberals and their ilk, love to try and trick people, try and make them think something is something it isn't. Like this graphic. On face value it looks good enough, if you don't like something, don't do it. I agree with that, if you don't like swimming, don't go swimming, if you don't like loud music, you probably shouldn't go to a rock...
Sun, Dec 30 - 2012
     Look at these images, notice anything odd about them?  
     Take another look at the first image, notice the small hand on the lower left, with the words "Try Me" What is this toy again, a Rattle and Teether, I'm suppose to let my child chew on a toy in a story to try it out before I buy it? GROSS!

     Mythbusters, busting myths is what they do, right, so why do they say, "Things like velocity(also knows as speed)," Not True, MYTH.
Speed: Rapidity of movement or action: "excessive speed"; "the...
Sat, Dec 29 - 2012
     Here is some new art from today.  
Sat, Dec 15 - 2012
         It's Christmas once again, the time when we focus more on what we're getting, than what we can give.
      When we think of ourselves more than others. That's what this holiday is all about right?   Amidst all the gift giving,  Tree decorating,     Eating,  and getting upset when you don't get what you really wanted.   Let's not forget the real meaning of Christmas. How that Christ came to earth as a baby.
And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were...
Thu, Dec 13 - 2012
     I know I promised to put up a post about The Lord of the Rings movie series a while back, but I never got around to it, here it is though.
     So I spent about eleven and a half hours at the beginning of last month watching the three movies that make up The Lord of the Rings movie. Why was I watching the movie anyways? well a good friend said I should buy them if I ever saw them at resale shops, and I did that, then after things happened between myself and this friend I decided to watch the videos on my own, the plan had been to watch them...
Wed, Dec 12 - 2012
     To all the single haters out there, making a stink about how they hate the happy couples posting about how they love each other, and hanging out at the malls and whatever, who do you think is listening to you? Do you think the happy couples are going to break up because you are being a hater. Or do you think that this will find that special somebody for you, 'cause people are attracted to haters?
     I've never understood the forever alone meme thing. Seriously, your 13, you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend, so that MEANS you'll never have...
Thu, Dec 6 - 2012
     Try saying this posts title five times fast. :) A few days back I went out for a short drive, to bring a package to the postal office, and I had to stop several times on the way there and back to take some photos of the fog. It was really pretty.
     As always my photography is all released under a Creative Commons license and you can download the original, hi-res photos from my deviantART account. Or by clicking on the photos here, and downloading the hi-res copy.


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