Thu, Nov 29 - 2012
     Yesterday I went old school and did my drawing on paper with pencils. I'm happy with the results, though erasing from paper leaves smudges, I blame my erasers. Something you don't have to worry about at all on a computer. Though with a tablet it's not as easy to see the drawing under your hand so drawing on paper is nicer in that aspect, but enough of my talking, here's the art.
Sun, Nov 25 - 2012
       This printer is one of the easiest printers I have filled the ink in. Opening the cartridges is a snap, literally. You will need to do a little cutting, so I hope you are comfortable with a knife, the cutting is very minimal, and easy to do.

     You're going to need some supplies to do this.          A knife, or tool to cut the plastic of the cartridge, a small flat bladed screwdriver, to open the cartridge, some flush cut pliers might be necessary as well, and a cartridge, of course.  ...
Thu, Nov 15 - 2012
     I stumble upon the "greatest" stuff when I'm on facebook, so glad people find this stuff for me, and I don't have to go looking for it. Anyway let me lighten the mood by telling a funny joke, and no, I don't expect the mood wasn't light already.
     Q: Why was the moon so sad?

     A: He was down to his last quarter, and arcade games cost fifty cents each.

     WHOA, suddenly my joke isn't funny any more. I'm just devastated that my joke is so lame,...
Tue, Nov 13 - 2012
     Here is my latest sketch, a dragon head, the head should probably be wider, or shorter, and the teeth should probably be longer, but I'm pretty happy with it. It took me an hour and a half to draw it all. I was following a tutorial from on Youtube. Pretty happy with how it turned out, need more practice with my tablet, there is just something different between drawing on paper, and drawing on a tablet, gotta get used to it.
Mon, Nov 5 - 2012
     So recently my sister got this art kit from our aunt and it was about drawing Manga, now no offense to my aunt, but the books were pretty lame, so we did what anybody with the internet does, did a Google search and found THIS youtube channel. We had hundreds of Manga how to draw videos at our disposal.
I downloaded several and meant to try my hand at it a while back, but never got around to it, technical aspects, what resolution should I use, what painting program should I use, etc. Finally yesterday I was like, I'm going to do this, so I picked a program, Krita...
Wed, Oct 31 - 2012
     So for those of you that follow my youtube channel, and wonder how I get my amazing sounding audio, here is the video for you. In this video I show how I make my screencasts and my trick to making the audio sound so clear and nice sounding.

Thu, Oct 25 - 2012
     Yes, you read that right, I want to kill myself. There are so many fun and novel ways in which one can end their life, I'd love to try some out, knowing of course I can only pick one, 'cause once I'm dead I can't die again. HOWEVER as it turns out committing suicide is frowned upon, and if you don't succeed you might be placed under mandated psychiatric observation.
I don't get it though, it's my body, why can't I do what I want with it. Is it only because I'm a man? I always hear people saying that women can do what they want with their body, in regards to...
Sat, Oct 20 - 2012
     Here a few quick drawing I threw together this morning. And one last image to wrap it all up.
Thu, Oct 11 - 2012
     Read Part 1 and Part 2 before reading this, this builds on information from those.
     I know I already told you all about adding text, or did I? I gave you some of the information about adding text, but there is yet more to learn, and we'll be working on that in this post, and we'll be finishing everything up as well.
     Open up our file and add a text box in that big blank spot on the right(t). Edit the text(Ctrl+t) and put in a bunch of text about the event.
     Now we're...
Mon, Oct 8 - 2012
       If you missed part one in this series, I highly suggest you check it out here.
     We're going to get on to graphics in part two. We'll be using some pictures, some vector graphics, and using tools that come with Scribus. To start lets put a vector graphic of our favorite bird, Tux on the page. To get the Tux option we'll need to click the small arrow next to the square on the menu

     The drop down menu looks like this, click on the bottom icon, Tux.


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