Thu, Jun 7 - 2012
     For those people that are big into Family Trees, or just like having visual representations of everything, that's me by the way, gramps is an important tool in your arsenal. For more information about gathering information for a genealogy I suggest you check out this post on the subject. It's a long-ish read, but well worth your time if you're serious about creating a respectable family tree.

     So what exactly is Gramps? Well as the help says: Gramps (Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System) is a...
Thu, Jun 7 - 2012
  Image from:

      Ohhhh, be careful when they start using the old emotion trick. Doesn't this image, just tug at your heart, make you forget all logic, and believe just what it's saying? Whenever somebody has to rely on emotion to make you agree with them, you gotta be careful. So lets dissect this, by reading it, I am led to believe that we are suppose to think that Guns, Warships, and Rockets are bad, or even EVIL, is that the case though? (I'm going to...
Mon, May 28 - 2012
     At face value this looks like its a great cartoon, all about religious freedom. However its Logically Flawed. Say we start our own religion, and lets be honest, hasn't a man, or woman, started every religion that exists? So we have this hypothetical religion, I'll probably refer to this a lot in this blog so we'll give it a name, Logicalism. Okay Logicalism teaches that men should beat their wives, government laws are to be laughed at, and we must always drive at minimum twenty miles over the posted speed limit. I used murder before, when I shared this...
Thu, Apr 12 - 2012
     So I've been doing my Linux posts lately, and I have a half related Linux post, that I've been meaning to put together for a while. So I won this album, from a retweet contest, on twitter. If you care to follow her here is her twitter. So I know what you're all thinking, an album, big deal, and what does this have to deal with Linux. Well it turns out that Wendy uses OpenOctave to create her music. I wish I could give you a review of OpenOctave, but sadly I've not been able to build it myself, something with dependencies, and just not knowing enough of the lingo to be...
Sun, Apr 8 - 2012
      Let's get back to some fun Linux stuff. Yay. I'm going to be going over a program that I've just recently figured out how to use, and am really enjoying. It's called Conky, and this is how it's described.       Conky is a system monitor that can display just about anything, either on your root desktop or in its own window. Conky has many built-in objects, as well as the ability to execute external programs or scripts (either external or through built-in lua support).       You can install Conky from your...
Sun, Mar 4 - 2012
     I'm running with the linux theme yet, but I've a friend who just discovered DOSBox Emulator, and has these old MS-DOS games, but couldn't play them until now. Even now the games can't be played without knowing how to use DOSBox Emulator, so without further ado.
     Here is a picture of the main DOSBox screen.
     Before we start doing anything with DOSBox let's cover another point. DOSBox is a command line interface, which means all the interaction happens with the keyboard, and typed...
Thu, Feb 23 - 2012
     For those of you that are long time followers of my blog you'll remember me reviewing Windows Live Photo Gallery, and Google's Picasa, we'll I'm here today, with the Linux alternative, which I honestly think is better than both Windows Live Photo Gallery, and Picasa. Now digiKam is cross platform, though I think the install is easiest on Linux.
     For those of you that haven't read those previous blog posts I'll give an overview here, people familiar with this type of program feel free to skip this paragraph, I promise no hard feelings. :)...
Wed, Feb 15 - 2012
     When looking for an audio player in Linux there are a lot of options. I mean you have Banshee, Rhythmbox, Amarok, Listen, Enna, Aqualung, Songbird, and lots of others. I've used a few different players, Banshee initially, when I first installed Linux on my laptop, and only because it came installed. I wasn't overly impressed, I'd come from an iTunes background, and REALLY liked the smart playlists that I could create. Banshee was just too simple for me, didn't have enough options and I began my search for a better player.
     I went through...
Tue, Feb 7 - 2012
I've finally put together a demo reel, after being a Blender user to like three years. I didn't follow, what I assume, is the normal way of creating a demo reel, which would be taking you work and putting it together into a video. I actually created all the work in about a weeks time solely for the purpose of the demo reel.
You can watch it here.
Most of the files have been uploaded so you can download and use them. Here are the links for them.
Get Well Soon
Table with Drinks
Sun, Jan 29 - 2012
     I feel like an idiot. I passed over my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PROGRAM IN THE WORLD!!!
     So what is this program you ask? Well it's Blender and as the website describes it,
Blender is the free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License.
     List of features, model - shade - animate - render - composite - interactive 3d

     Blender runs on all major operating systems, I've even heard it rumored that...


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