Wed, Feb 15 - 2012
     When looking for an audio player in Linux there are a lot of options. I mean you have Banshee, Rhythmbox, Amarok, Listen, Enna, Aqualung, Songbird, and lots of others. I've used a few different players, Banshee initially, when I first installed Linux on my laptop, and only because it came installed. I wasn't overly impressed, I'd come from an iTunes background, and REALLY liked the smart playlists that I could create. Banshee was just too simple for me, didn't have enough options and I began my search for a better player.
     I went through...
Tue, Feb 7 - 2012
I've finally put together a demo reel, after being a Blender user to like three years. I didn't follow, what I assume, is the normal way of creating a demo reel, which would be taking you work and putting it together into a video. I actually created all the work in about a weeks time solely for the purpose of the demo reel.
You can watch it here.
Most of the files have been uploaded so you can download and use them. Here are the links for them.
Get Well Soon
Table with Drinks
Sun, Jan 29 - 2012
     I feel like an idiot. I passed over my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PROGRAM IN THE WORLD!!!
     So what is this program you ask? Well it's Blender and as the website describes it,
Blender is the free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License.
     List of features, model - shade - animate - render - composite - interactive 3d

     Blender runs on all major operating systems, I've even heard it rumored that...
Fri, Jan 27 - 2012
     I've always been told that you should never start a blog post by apologizing for not posting more often, so I won't apologize. :) It's been a while, but I've got a new post, and this is a newish "program" I hesitate to really call it a program, because more so than being a program it's an interface "thing". It's called, Cinnamon, if you couldn't guess from the title, and I really like it.
     Cinnamon is based of of Gnome 3 shell, but has been optimized and changed, so it is speedier, neater, and cooler. Gnome let you change some options,...
Sun, Jan 15 - 2012
     Sorry to break my Linux topic trend, but this is Random Techy Rants after all. I'll be getting back to my Linux posts after this post, but I recently went to Milwaukee PC and they left a BAD taste in my mouth, so I did what any good blogger would do, make a blog post complaining about them.
       So I went to Milwaukee PC so we could get DSL set up for our home. The salesman had the router ready for us, and I did have a few questions. We needed filters for our phones, and he said that the router came with four, but then wanted to know if we...
Sun, Jan 8 - 2012
     For everybody that's been following my Linux series, and was expecting a post on last Friday, sorry, was busy with other things and just didn't get around to the post, but I'm doing it today instead. :) This post isn't exactly about one single program, for I have two, and I've used neither enough to know which I like better.
     As anybody that's dealt with music on Linux knows, you can't easily edit tags on music. When you click to view the properties of an audio file there is no option to change any ID3 info. On windows you can edit all...
Thu, Dec 29 - 2011
I've decided to go through my favorite Linux applications in Alphabetical order, it just seems right, plus then I don't have to try and list them in order of favoritism and figure out all of that. There will probably some posts that are out of order, but oh well.
 So for this first, second technically, post I'm going to be focusing on Audacity, which is the free, cross platform, audio editor.

  Click the picture for a larger image. Audacity is available on all major operating systems. It runs on Linux, Mac and Windows, I've run it both on...
Sun, Nov 27 - 2011
     Hello everybody, in this blog post I'm going to be showing how to create a simple, but effective, laptop cooling fan.      There are few supplies you will need.
    A 12 Volt fan.   A USB cord. It's easier if it already just has two wires coming out.   Lead solder. Kids, don't eat this stuff!     Electric Tape   Soldering Iron
     Once you gather all the...
Sun, Jul 17 - 2011
Sun, Jul 17 - 2011


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