Wed, Sep 22 - 2010
I've had the most trouble with this all my life.
I can't stand it when computer repair places, or software says works with Mac and PC. A Mac is a PC. PC stands for Personal Computer, since when is the only personal computer a windows machine. They might own most of the market, but they are by no means the only Personal Computer. I can't stand it when, a company, or individual, who should know better says Mac and PC. I just don't get it people, a Mac is a PC, as are a Linux, Windows, Solaris, Ubuntu, etc.

I'm never going to out grow this, unless one day the industry takes PC...
Tue, Aug 10 - 2010
     I have been a user of Windows Live Photo Gallery for a while and used it to tag lots of people, but recently Windows came out out with Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta which will suggest people who the faces belong to. Well recently  I was going to be out for an afternoon so I took my portable hard-drive and plugged it in, then let Windows Live Photo Gallery scan through the pictures to look for faces. I have a few thousand photos and it went through all of the, and found me about eight hundred new faces and had forty people that it found faces for. Out of all the...
Thu, Apr 15 - 2010

Sitting here at Harbor Freight,
Wondering how much longer I'll have to wait.
For a customer to come through,
and give me a chance something to do.
It gets boring here on register,
Sometimes I feel like a legislator.
Doing nothing, getting paid,
Somebody please, come to my aid.
Somebody please give me work,
Worry not I won't shirk.
As the minutes slowly drag by,
Wait do I see something in the corner of my eye!
A customer finally, with basket in his hand,
Snazzely dressed, and nicely tanned....

Tue, Apr 13 - 2010

It's a funny thing what poetry can do,
How it can pull a smile or tears from you.
Just written words on the pages,
That transcend through time and ages.
It's been written in love and war,
Yet it always seems to mean more.
Than the same written without rhyme,
Without, beat, rhythm, or in line.
Sometimes things can only be said,
Written in verse, or they're dead.


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