Tue, Oct 4 - 2016
     Not much to talk about this month, made a couple bucks off of youtube ads, and about twenty five cents off of the ads on my website. I spent most of my free time in September working on a BIG freelance job, I spent about forty to fifty hours working on it. At the moment I'm not at liberty to divulge much about the project, other than it was a 360 video, for a larger youtube channel, about 5K subs. I will be posting some tutorials later in the month, and will be making some files available to download as well, but it hasn't aired yet, so I need to wait for the...
Thu, Sep 22 - 2016
     I've been meaning to do this for a while, but just haven't had the time, or motivation I guess, but today that all changes. I found myself with some free time, and took it upon myself to decide upon a release schedule for all my Minetest videos. I don't know how well this is actually going to turn out, but I think it will be much better than what I've been doing. So basically I record all my vidoes on Wednesdays, though that might be changing, but the only two videos that have set release dates are my mod reviews/modding tutorials, which are released on Monday, and then my...
Wed, Sep 7 - 2016

     So lets start out with the huge earth shattering news, over the last 180 days I have had zero referrals to amazon.com and so Amazon decided that they would delete my affiliate account, which whatever. I guess I didn't really share enough links for products on their site and so there was no reason for anybody to click on them. I've decided that I'll just remove that column from the chart on my earnings page, as I never had anything to report there.

     This past month I didn't do any paying freelance work, though I am working on a...

Thu, Aug 11 - 2016

     Another month, and more money in my pocket. :) This July I made another ten dollars doing commissioned work, even though I don't have as much time as I would like to work on freelance projects, long story, but I still managed to get one project completed for a paying client. If you want to hire me for some freelance work please check out this page.
     Youtube earnings dropped a little bit, about fifty cents, which I guess percentage wise is probably pretty large, but ads on youtube can be unpredictable. Views were also down a little bit, I don't...

Sun, Jul 3 - 2016
Sat, Jul 2 - 2016
Mon, May 23 - 2016

     Therapy Session released on April 22nd 2016 and is NF's second release (If we don't count the EP), the album clocks in at just under an hour (58:11), the album lives up to it's title, therapy session. NF opens up and really lays his heart on the table.

     Intro 2 is a great opening track, as his first album, Mansion, started with Intro. This makes a great sequel track, is that even a thing? He starts by asking if we've missed him, and then goes right into what we can expect from this new album, making several great...
Sat, May 21 - 2016

     For a very long time I've wanted to put lights into my computer case, but never got around to it. Honestly the only reason I've wanted to is because my PSU (Power Supply Unit) came with lights in it, and I figured that if I already had some light I should complete the job and add more lighting.
     When I upgraded to 32 GB of ram I had more reason than ever to add the case lights because now there was more to show off. I started by looking at some kits online, but they were all rather expensive, and I didn't need any stinking kit, I'm...

Wed, Apr 13 - 2016

    I am changing up a few things on my Youtube channel, though they won't all be immediately evident, as I have a backlog of videos that will have to be posted before the new videos with the changes will be public on youtube. Starting in about a month my videos will be monetized as soon as they are posted publicly(this means they will have those annoying ads that everybody hates.) You can avoid these ads by either visiting my website and checking the videos out when I post them, or by following me on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, as I always share the videos as soon as they...

Wed, Mar 16 - 2016
     I've been playing Minetest on a certain server, and have been watching things through the IRC quite a bit, and I've noticed multiple times while just watching the IRC that people are talking about being griefed so I thought to myself, there must be a way to create a little script that can run through the logs and detect bad behavior. I'm no expert when it comes to the command line and bash, but I bashed a little something together, (pun intended) and created a working script.


cd $(dirname $0)

TIME=$(date "+%y-%m-%d")...


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