Fri, Sep 13 - 2013
     For the last few months I've been attending a Baptist congregations services, due to no choice of my own, I should add. In that time I've been blown away with all the illogical and downright stupid things I've heard. This blog post is dedicated to all the stupid, illogical, things I've heard said.

     Lets start with one of the most annoying things, getting SCREAMED at. You probably didn't care for my shouting of the word screamed, well imagine, if you dare, a guy getting up on the ”stage” and spending an hour screaming at you. Its no...
Fri, Aug 30 - 2013
     You just have to love music these days, there is so much stupidity in it, it leaves me wondering what people were thinking when they wrote songs, and if they didn't think of the effects of confessing to doing crimes in their music, not going to go very well in court when you have a song telling the world what you did....
  Right now he's probably slow dancing with a bleached-blond tramp,
and she's probably getting frisky...
right now, he's probably buying her some fruity little drink
'cause she can't shoot whiskey...
Right now, he's...
Sun, Aug 25 - 2013
     So I've had my bike for a little over a month now, time for a review.
     I'm probably the average driver, taking my bike to work five days a week, it's about an eight mile drive. I drove exclusively on city streets until Friday when I took my bike on the freeway, but more on that later.
     Since buying my bike I've replaced both tires, the air filter, oil and oil filter, brake fluid, and used two tanks of gas. What can I say, the bike needed some work, but it was a good deal. I even gave her a bath, only to...
Fri, Aug 23 - 2013
     Ultimate stopwatch may not actually be the ultimate, but it certainly is good, and looks good too, and it's open source.

     Some screen shots.            There is just something that I dig about the analog hands, though I hate analog clocks, they look really good on the stopwatch. Did I mention there is full support for laps? and that it counts thousandths of a second, though I doubt that you could really tap on the start, lap, or stop buttons fast enough for that to be completely accurate, but it's...
Thu, Aug 15 - 2013
  Like most things it starts small,  a little here, a little there,  we never expect it to get so out of hand.  We pick it up and its all cool,  we think we can handle it,  but slowly it grows on us,  what started small slowly gets larger.  Eventually we realize its to big to deal with on our own,  so we call on professional help.  We're given a professional opinion,  by somebody who knows way more than we do,  and we try and follow their advice in curbing it back, but still it grows larger and gets more out of hand...
Tue, Aug 6 - 2013
     Andor's Trail is a free, fun, and open-source, RPG game. Available for nearly all Android devices. I downloaded this game around the beginning of July, it was version .69 then and it keeps being updated. I should mention the game is still in semi beta stages, some quests can't be completed, and the maps aren't completely finished, though in no way should that keep you from having fun and finishing many of the quests that there are.
     I'd totally post some of my own screenshots here, but my Android device (2.2) doesn't seem to have a way to...
Wed, Jul 24 - 2013
     Removing the battery on a 2007 Honda Silverwing is as simple as opening the seat and removing the screw from the battery cover and then removing the two bolts from the terminals to remove the battery cables.
Sat, Jul 13 - 2013
     My day started not unlike any other, and I decided, around four o'clock, that I would go out to the local junk store(thrift/second hand store) and on the way back try and hack a few portals in Ingress. I ran out to my car, it was only like twenty degrees out, and climbed in. I put the key in the ignition and the radio came to life, I buckled myself in, safety first, and turned the key to start my car, the starter tried to turn over a few times, and then clicked. I tried several times, with no luck, I assumed that I must have left the lights on or something and that...
Sat, Jul 6 - 2013
       Long exposure photography of fireworks is so beautiful, and maybe you wish you could get some nice pictures, but either your camera doesn't have a feature for that, or you can never seem to get the timing right.
     In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to create long exposure shots from video of fireworks. It should be noted that this method won't create an image as good a quality as taking a real long exposure picture, but more on that later.

     What you'll need: A video of...
Thu, Jun 20 - 2013
     I work in retail, and I don't control the music that plays at my store, so I get to hear all sorts of music, most of which I don't care for, but some I really just don't get, like this song: Need You Now, by Lady Antebellum.
  Picture perfect memories
Scattered all around the floor.
Reaching for the phone cause,
I can't fight it anymore.

And I wonder if I ever cross your mind.
For me it happens all the time.

It's a quarter after one.
I'm all alone and I need you now.
Said I wouldn't call, but I lost...


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