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     Minetest is a fun, free, voxel game that takes inspiration from Terasology, Infiniminer, Minecraft, real life, and the users/modders. For some time I've been recording mod reviews, modding tutorials, and even lets plays. You can find all my mod reviews and modding tutorials listed in order of posting. I provide the forum links and download links for all the mods on their respective pages. On my modding tutorials there is seldom anything to link to, but I tend to provide useful code on those pages, so you can save some time typing and get to making things faster.
     If I've overlooked some mod that you feel should be reviewed please use this form to let me know about the mod and I'll see if it is something that I want to review. I should mention that I won't necessarily review all mods that are submitted, though to date there aren't any I haven't covered. In like fashion if you think I should do a tutorial on something Minetest related please use this form. (It really doesn't matter which link you click as they both lead to the same form. The form is also imbedded just below.)

     Minetest 5.0 released on March 5th, 2019. Watch my overview video for the new version here:

     I run a server at play.nathansalapat.com port 3000. Here are a few rules and things to keep in mind. If you live someplace where you have to deal with the GDPR you should know that when you join the server will record your IP address. If you don't consent to such action DO NOT JOIN THE SERVER. Currently the server is in very alpha stages, the map will be wiped a few times, so don't spend a lot of time building, or just don't join. :) 

Some of my mods

This mod adds campfires, 3d torches, flint, a lighter, oil lanterns and lantern oil, a smoke bomb and molotov cocktail.
Server admins, sell stuff without having to have stuff.
If you've ever wanted to honor a fallen friend, or just create a neat cemetery this is the mod for you.

Hydrate in style.