In this enlightened age it seems to be all the rage to record yourself playing video games, and people who are too poor to afford the games will spend countless hours watching you on youtube, but that doesn't really make sense because Minetest is completely free, so there must be some other motivating factor that drives people to watch my lets plays.
    Whatever the case may be, I'm glad you're interested in watching the videos, or at least visiting the page on my website. I've put all the lets plays onto their own pages now as I thought that having three different playlists embedded on one page was just getting a little too cluttered, and the only reason this page exists is because I can't figure out how to have a menu option that doesn't link to anything and just serves as a parent for other links, so ya, this page exist for no real purpose. I'll give you the links to the pages of the lets play pages so you can get to them if that is what you actually wanted to see.
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