Minetest doesn't just have to be a single player experience, there are a host of servers available to play on. Each server has it's own rules and special things, some are creative, some are PVP, and there is at least one that is 18+ Make sure you know what you are getting into before you start playing on a server! Kids, ask your parents for permission before you start playing games online, and be sure to be careful when chatting with other players, never give out any personal information about yourself. With that bit of information that I felt was needed to put out, lets get on to other more fun things.

     I don't play on severs too much, but when I do I go by NathanS21, if you ever see me online feel free to ask for a selfie ;) I'll tweet selfies with any players that wants it, seriously.

     I won't record videos on a server unless asked to by an admin, if you are in such a position of power and want me to record some videos on your server please use this form and let me know.

     As I get more videos recorded on servers I'll probably start linking more things here, but until that happens, please check out the videos by clicking on the menu links for the specific servers that I've recorded on.