Using global textures you can cut down on the repetition of textures without creating several nodes.
There are a variety of ways to change something in an inventory, in the video I cover two methods, but I discovered a third method after the recording which I'll include here as well.
Lets create models that look very blocky.
In this video I'll be covering how to animate an armature in Blender.
Learn about how to rig your models and bring them to life.
Lets take a look at some modeling in Blender.
In this video I'll be looking at how to layer textures on mobs.
In this video I'll be explaining how to use multiple materials on a node.
In this video we'll be modeling and rigging a simple vehicle.
Lets learn about bone constraints.
Make complicated mechanical animations easily.
Lets learn how to make items that are joined when placed on top of each other.
Lets make some thin nodes.
Lets make some fire hydrants.
In this video I'm giving an introduction to Blender and how to navigate around.
We'll be looking at how to create 3d armor, using the API from the 3d armor mod.
In this video we're looking at how to catch things said in chat and use them to trigger responses.
Use decorations to place items on the map as it is generated.
If you are writing code, and have a handful of things that run close to the same, with just slight variations you might want to look into functions.
Using Github is a great way for people to keep up to date with mods.


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